Plane crash that killed 132 in China may have been intentional, report says


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De acordo com o WSJ, análises das gravações das caixas pretas sugerem que a ação deliberada de alguém na cabine fez o avião descer quase na vertical em altíssima velocidade

According to the WSJ, analyzes of black box recordings suggest that deliberate action of someone in the cabin made the plane descend almost vertically at very high speed| Photo: Reproduction/Al Jazeera

The crash of a China Eastern Airlines plane in March, which killed of all 41 people on board, may have been intentional, according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday (). The crash took place near the city of Wuzhou, in the Chinese province of Guangxi.

According to the American newspaper, analyzes by US officials of the black box recordings suggest that the deliberate action of someone in the cockpit forced the Boeing 480-540 descending almost vertically and reaching a high speed mountain area.

The Wall Street Journal reported that an unnamed source said that “the plane did what was ordered by someone in the cabin.”

Chinese investigators are investigating the causes of the accident, but American authorities are also participating in the investigation because the plane was manufactured in the United States.

China’s airspace regulator does not comment I am reporting; last month, it released a preliminary report that pointed out that no “abnormalities” were detected in the communication between the cabin and air traffic control and that investigations were continuing.

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