Pichaikkaran 2 OTT release date: When and where to watch this social drama starring Vijay Antony

It’s been confirmed! The social drama Pichaikkaran 2, directed by Vijay Antony, is almost ready to make its debut on digital platforms. On June 16, the movie will become available on Disney+Hostar. Vijay Antony makes his debut as a film director with this project, while Kavya Thapar stars as the film’s leading heroine.

Pichaikkaran 2 OTT Release Date

Pichaikkaran 2 is all set to be premiered on 18 June 2023 on Hotstar.

Pichaikkaran (2016), directed by Sasi, cannot be deemed a true sequel to this movie because a different person directed it. Because of his concern for his mother’s well-being, the character played by Vijay Antony works part-time as a beggar in the movie. A sequence in the film discussed the demonetization of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes, which occurred well before the announcement was made by the Union government. This contributed to the film’s rise to prominence. The viewers had positive reactions to the movie overall.

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Pichaikkaran 2, on the other hand, did not have the same influence on the crowd and opened to reviews that were not unanimously positive. Yogi Babu, Dev Gill, John Vijay, Hareesh Peradi, Radha Ravi, and YG Mahendran are just a few well-known actors featured in the film. Vijay Antony is also responsible for the film’s music as well as its editing, while Om Narayan was the one behind the camera. The movie is a home production for Vijay Antony, and the Vijay Antony Film Corporation is the one who is funding it.

When and Where to Watch Pichaikkaran 2

You can watch this social drama on Hotstar from 18 June 2023 in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

Following the success of Pichaikkaran, Vijay Antony is back with Pichaikkaran, in which he dons numerous hats behind the screen as well. Even while there are a few instances where everything comes together perfectly, like in the beginning, the biggest letdown is that these instances are so infrequently occurring.
Pichaikkaran 2, in contrast to its predecessor, departs significantly from the norm almost immediately after the opening sequence. The plot focuses mostly on brain transplantation, in addition to other moments that are larger than life and tend to distance the audience from the experience.

What’s the story of Pichaikkaran 2

One of the top ten richest men in India, Vijay Gurumoorthy (Vijay Antony), is betrayed by his minions who want to dominate him by implanting the brain of a helpless, destitute man into his body. Sathya (Vijay Antony), who has been looking for his sister since he was a young child, is a really poor man. After serving time as a juvenile prisoner, Sathya emerges with the intention of killing the man who caused him to be separated from his sister.
Sathya, who has spent the majority of his life behind bars, is compelled against his choice to live in Vijay Gurumurthy’s circumstances. Can he reveal the truth, track down his sister, and achieve lasting peace?

Cast & Crew of Pichaikkaran 2

In addition to playing the lead role, Vijay Antony has also composed the score, directed, edited, and written the film, and produced it. Kavya Thapar, John Vijay, Harish Peraddi, YG Mahendra, Ajay Ghosh, and Yogi Babu are some of the other actors who appear in this movie. Fatima Vijay Antony is the one who is supporting it. Vijay serves not just as an editor but also as a cinematographer on the film, and Om Narayan is the film’s editor. Together, they make up the film’s technical crew.

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In the climactic parts of the movie, Vijay Antony, playing the role of Sathya, is delivering the most heartfelt performances in the most traditional Tamil manner. As Vijay Gurumurthy, his primary responsibility is to give off the impression of being a cool man.
Aravind, the character that Dev Gill plays, is your typical offbeat bad guy. John Vijay and Hareesh Peradi are the ones who keep him company in a manner that is not quite as odd. The second half of the story sees Radha Ravi assume her role as the main antagonist. I had the impression that the only thing Kavya Thapar was there to do was to appear sultry and seductive in the very first song of the film.
Pichaikkaran 2 OTT release date
However, the character does receive some room and purpose toward the end of the film, but it is just during the final fifteen minutes of the film. The only reason Yogi Babu is in the movie is to boost its box office potential, and during the moment in which Sathya is being arrested by the police, I have a feeling that Yogi Babu isn’t even aware of what’s going on.
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