Phrases of the week: “Whoever supports Bolsonaro is a scrotum or is stupid”

“The far right is making up that I’ve changed gender” – Marcia Tiburi, philosopher

self-exiled in Paris, walking on the razor’s edge of identity. After all, what’s the problem if you’ve moved? Does Tiburi think changing gender is wrong?

“Cold doesn’t kill anyone. What kills is the lack of protection from the cold. What kills is not the cold but poverty, which prevents people from protecting themselves from the cold. What kills, on a cold day, is capitalism”. – Gustavo Nassar, communist historian whose logic eludes us. If you can explain how capitalism generates the cold fronts that kill people, send a letter (it has to be a letter) to the newsroom.

“Bolsonaro tries to privatize the Amazon and threatens national sovereignty” – Olga Curado, journalist , about Elon Musk’s visit to Brazil and the implementation of the Internet in the Amazon. And here we were thinking that Olga had already cured herself of this psychotic anti-Bolsonarism.

“When I As a kid I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one took me for eye removal surgery and peg leg installation” – Bill Maher, progressive comedian who seems to have realized that transgenderism, especially when applied to children, has gone… too far.

“Just kidding, to clear things up: if you put together a lunatic billionaire and a fascist, it would give the what ?” – Zélia Duncan, singer. And if there were butchers and billionaire contractors and a communist, Dona Zélia, what would you give?

“It is very difficult to relate to those who support Bolsonaro for two reasons: either because he is an asshole or because he is stupid” – Paola Carosella, cook. The Argentine pastry chef gave a new guise to the saying “everyone I don’t like is Hitler”.

“Yes, Lula is innocent! And no rhetorical effort will change the reality of the facts and the records” – Lenio Luiz Streck, Marco Aurélio de Carvalho and Fabiano Santos da Silva

It took six hands and three stick men to write this.

“Lula is a friend of the Palestinian people and we look forward to his return” – Basem Naim, from the Foreign Relations Committee of the terrorist group Hamas and Lula’s electoral chief Tell me who you’re with…

“Netflix may not be the best place for you to work” – Netflix, in a statement to employees who complain about certain politically incorrect content on the streaming service. is losing money, has the company realized that the public is not interested in lacrar content?

“Abortion is public health” – tweet by Party Democrat of the USA That is, for the increasingly extreme Democratic Party, killing babies is a public health policy.

“’To p Gun: Maverick’ has macho Tom Cruise with penis-evoking planes” – headline from the culture section of Folha de S. Paulo. Of. Notebook. In. Culture. Of culture!

“This Magazine Can Help You Get An Abortion” – Cover headline of New York magazine. The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Lu Cifer, created the title with the help of the editor Bel Zebu and the reporter Zeca Peta.

“The worst crimes now don’t just happen in in the name of God or good or the homeland, but in the name of freedom, this new goddess and alibi. Musk and Bolsonaro defend total freedom as a supreme value” – Maria Homem, psychoanalyst, who needs to undergo therapy to deal with this desire to censor others.

“Refusal to identity is the new Brazilian racism” – Jeferson Tenório , writer, making it clear that anyone who doesn’t bow to the new progressive times can end up in jail.

“I withdraw from the dispute with a wounded heart , but with a light soul” – João Dória, former governor of São Paulo and now ex-presidential candidate.

“I announce that I am giving up the fight for the middleweight belt in the UFC” – Jair Bolsonaro, president, gloating over the withdrawal of former ally Dória.

“The book ‘1984’, by George Orwell, talks about liberalism, not totalitarianism” – Maria Zakharova, porta voice of Russian diplomacy, putting into practice the doublethink described by Orwell in his classic book. In time, doublethink means the ability to simultaneously harbor two contradictory beliefs in one’s head and believe in both.

“Not even marine animals seem to be immune to the American way of life” – André Julião, science reporter (science reporter!), about the accumulation of fat in animals that live near Miami. Someone has to have seen a lot of SpongeBob in childhood to drop this as the first sentence of a text on an academic website.

“Fat women are ridiculed, treated as comic relief, villains, monsters in pop culture. We need to discuss this so that representations change. And being fat or thin has nothing to do with being healthy” – Chris Gonzatti, creator of the site Diversity Nerd, who says he intends to “shake the structures of pop culture”. How many fat women does he need for that?

“The Bishop of San Francisco has ruled that Nancy Pelosi cannot receive Communion for advocating abortion. This is not her job , man. It’s not up to you to make that decision” – Whoopi Goldberg, comedian. This is EXACTLY the role of the bishop, Whoopi.

“School is not an option. Homeschooling is not freedom of choice, it is deprivation of rights. Rights” – Priscila Cruz , president of the NGO Todos pela Educação, creating the concept of the right that you are obliged to enjoy. Poor thing. It must have been the thrill of seeing the state education monopoly crumble a little with the House approval of homeschooling.

“We need to recalibrate human rights such as freedom of expression” – Julie Inman Grant, responsible for digital security at Australia, during the World Economic Forum. How long does it take for someone to appear saying that we need to recalibrate human rights such as the right to life or freedom?

“I am liberal in the economy, but against the privatization of Petrobras” – Simone Tebet, senator and new hope of the Third Way, proving that Roberto Campos was always right: stupidity, in Brazil, really has a glorious past and a promising future.

“Brazil is a curious country. People who never cared about cuts in public universities now say they urgently need money… from students” – Bernardo Mello Franco, journalist, playing a champion in rhetorical pirouettes to justify the use of public money in this militant factory that is the Brazilian public higher education.

“‘Thiago, what do you intend to do with the death threats?’ Me: to live” – Thiago Amparo, journalist and activist, affecting a tacky heroism. We vehemently reject all the death threats suffered by Amparo, not least because they are generating an excess of poetry of dubious quality on Twitter.

“Support!” – Jair Bolsonaro, president, on the strike by journalists in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro. You probably didn’t notice, but the catiguria was stopped on Wednesday, day 25.

“I talk about AIDS, hunger, cancer, the Holocaust, rape, pedophilia… You just can’t make fun of trans people. They want to be treated equally. I agree. That’s why I include them in my jokes” – Ricky Gervais, genius comedian.

“Brazil has 10%, 12%, 15%, of voters who identify with Bolsonaro. They are really Nazis, fascists. They are anti-science, they are homophobic” – Ciro Gomes, making a point of not exceeding 5% in electoral polls.


“Russia should occupy Kiev in the next few hours, imposing limits on NATO, humiliating Washington. In the coming months, dependent on Russian gas, Europe will have to ease sanctions to survive the winter. China walks with the Kremlin. We see the dawn of a new History” – Daniel Cara, professor at the Faculty of Education at USP, on 25 February this You pay this Nostradamus apprentice’s salary.

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