Phrases of the week: “Today I am a godmother who defends life, who protects life”

“Today I am a godmother who defends life, who protects life. Women who want to have an abortion, I run after it so they don’t” – Cássia Kis, actress. Usually the phrases of the week bring nonsense said by leftists, but we think it’s good to start today with the surprising, courageous and moving pro-life speech of Cássia Kis on the Fátima Bernardes program. , to truly go against the progressive current that has taken over the artistic world. The rest is perfumery. Now we return to normal programming.

“Adolfo, Bolsonaro’s new minister. Adolfo, man… Adolfo. What an unfortunate choice for a post-WWII name.” – Gabriela Biló, photojournalist and sommelier of names, commenting on the new minister of Mines and Energy of the government. Do you dislike your own name? Did the Jew Adolpho Bloch resent being an Austrian namesake with a ridiculous mustache? The girl deleted the tweet, but, as they say, the print is eternal.

“When did Dória become João? João, for me, is João Gilberto, João Donato, João Cabral, João Saldanha. Dória has no right to use such a noble and popular name at the same time. Dória is Doriana: margarine ad smile” – Leoni, ex-Kid Abelha. It seems that analyzing people’s names It’s the new trend among leftists. Soon someone may come out with an exaltation of the “name” Lula.

“George Washington University has to change its name me” – Caleb François, student, in a silly article for the Washington Post, defending the name change because the former US president and founding father of the nation was not woke enough back in the century . Until then, ok, nowadays this kind of nonsense is in vogue. But did the editor who published this nonsense pay attention to the name of the newspaper itself?

“I heard that they are trying to place ‘femenagem’ as a counterpoint to ‘homage’ and ‘ovulatory ‘ instead of ‘seminar’. I googled it and got a hell of a dismay. That’s it, guys. We are going to speak in an increasingly ridiculous, intricate and incomprehensible way for the rest of society” – Juliana Cunha, teacher and literate, showing that even the militants are tired of so much sealing.

“Each real invested in audiovisual in São Paulo generates more than R$20, says study” – Folha de S. Paulo, newspaper that discovered the secret that alchemists have been searching for centuries. It is enough then to invest all of Brazil’s GDP in audiovisual in São Paulo and we will become an economic power greater than the United States and China. How did no one think of this before?!

“Instead of a coup with the military, instability with armed Bolsonaristas in the streets cannot be ruled out” – Eliane Cantanhêde, journalist and political analyst. In her spare time, she is a python and cosplayer for Nostradamus.

“I am against Bolsonaro” – Walter Casagrande, former player and commentator, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

“This moment compels us to a radical vote in the first round” – Rita von Hunty, a far-left drag queen who suggested to his entourage not to vote for Lula because the ex-convict is not radical enough. canceled by PT on social media, where they even remembered that Rita is a “privileged white” (Rita von Hunty is the pseudonym of professor Guilherme Pereira).

“Independent artists have always had a life difficult in Brazil, but it looks like things are getting worse. Imagine a country where talents like Thiago Pethit, Karina Buhr and Luiza Lian are not able to develop their artistic work” – Camilo Rocha, journalist and DJ. silence is: who are these people?! And why should we encourage their “art”?!

“Stop trying to privatize our companies” – Lula, ex-convict. It’s true that the PT people put part of the state-owned companies in their pockets, but that still doesn’t give you the right, Lula, to say that they are “ours”.

“Guys, before we start, I would like to make a clarification or clarification here…” — anonymous PT member, during the launch of the pre-candidacy of Lula. bem da cachola.

“Those who say that the extreme right thrashes the left on the internet, do not reveal that the vast majority of their shots are made by robots. To which the left will never appeal. We are militants of flesh and blood, of heart, character and convictions” — Emir Sader, political scientist and PT on all sides. Emir forgets, or pretends to have forgotten, of the famous MAV (Mobilization in Virtual Environments), a kind of virtual PT militia created at a party congress with the aim of attacking opponents on the internet.

“I, with 20 years, I’m not nervous. So much so that I’m even getting married! Whoever is nervous is the one who arrested me and lied to Brazilian society. Brazil needs love, affection” — Lula, ex-convict. One hand in Petrobras and the other in affection.

“Brazil has gotten worse, for the first time in the history of Brazil we eat more ultra-processed food than fresh food. We have 220 million hectares with soybeans and pastures and 1.8 million of hectares of rice. In addition to war and the pandemic, expensive food is a political decision.” — Paola Carosella, chef and gastronomic influencer, specialist in zucchini. Notice that she is complaining about excess food. These leftists and their hunger fetish should be studied.

“The extreme- the right has money – it’s a fact. A thief who steals a billion becomes the cover of a magazine” – Malu Aires, who defines herself only as an “artist”. of Elon Musk, and not of a certain presidential candidate convicted of corruption.

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