Phrases of the Week: “The country will have to erect a statue for Alexandre de Moraes. brave goat”

“Elon Musk has sex with farm animals (This is a test tweet)” – Adam Parkhomenko, Democratic Party strategist, “strategically” testing the new rules of freedom of expression on Elon Musk’s Twitter. Someone explain to him that can say something doesn’t mean should say something.

“Celebrating National Book Day in Brazil is like celebrating International Women’s Day in Iran” – Lygia Maria, journalist. There is a difference between being lazy to apply yourself to personal growth and being persecuted by a tyranny for wanting to exercise legitimate freedom. But, since the subject is this, it is good to remember that the main censorship against books in Brazil is the censorship of toga.

“People vote for Bolsonaro for personal interests when they are rich, by mistake when they are poor, out of meanness and stupidity when they are middle class” – Marcia Tiburi, “philosopher” in “exile” who resurrected the position of her colleague Marilena Chauí, who said “I hate the middle class” years ago. Frases explains: leftists detest the middle class because its mere existence and growth proves that Marx was wrong in predicting that capitalism would impoverish the common people.

“If the vote is secret protected by law. Why is polling allowed by law? Doesn’t it seem a little ambiguous? Good to reflect on” – Anitta, singer and bad parole writer. The comment is for the dancer Carla Perez: “I went to school?”

“We will declare an amnesty for the pandemic” – Emily Oster , economist, in an article in the Atlantic magazine that revolted those who, unlike her, defended freedom and autonomy over their own body in the pandemic. We published an answer.

“One day the country will have to erect a statue for Minister Alexandre de Moraes. Brave goat”

– Cora Ronai, journalist, confusing authoritarianism with courage.

“Of all journalists killed in 2021, 11% were women. Stop attacks directed at women journalists” – UN Women, showing that it is not necessary to criticize feminist identity: let it speak.

“Your feedback is appreciated. Now pay US$8” – Elon Musk, new owner of Twitter, responding to Democratic leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, angry that now the check seal will be exactly that: to verify that the speaker it is the person himself, for a modest price, not to reward those who walk in the ideological line of Big Tech.

Cantinho de “faz the L”

“We did it, Lula!” – Geraldo Alckmin, vice-president-elect and, according to the PT, ex-fascist. For you to notice that everything is marketing: it is an obvious imitation of the first manifestation of the American vice president Kamala Harris when she learned of Biden’s victory.

“We celebrate the victory of the Brazilian people , which this October 30 elected Lula as its new president. Who saw peoples determined to be free” – Nicolás Maduro, dictator of Venezuela, who understands a lot about freedom because he took it away from his people.

“I want to say that I have never criticized Lula or the PT, please don’t arrest me. I love you Alexandre de Moraes, best emperor we’ve ever had. Long live the STF” – Monark, canceled podcaster. Vai que cola…

“A great speech, a historic speech about ‘a new time, of peace, love and hope’. Success, Lulu!” – Eliane Catanhêde, “impartial” journalist.

“Dilma Rousseff should be chosen to pass the belt to Lula, not Bolsonaro” – Dodô Azevedo, journalist. Yes yes. And if he is impeached, Aécio takes over.

“Freedom, welcome back” – Nathalia Arcuri, influencer in the area of ​​finance, on the victory of the candidate who promised to further reduce the freedom of Brazilians with more state intervention… in her area, the economy.

“A tragic result of this election is the fear of flirting with a southerner” – Felipe Neto, YouTuber and ex-convict electoral corporal, showing that the sign of virtues of his class against regional prejudice is, as expected, only lip service.

“We forgive Edir Macedo. He is the one who needs to ask God’s forgiveness for the lies he propagated, inducing millions of people to believe in barbarities about Lula and the PT, using the church and its media for that. Our conscience is clear” – Gleisi Hoffmann, PT president, thinking that no one remembers that, on campaign, Dilma visited the Temple of Solomon of the Universal Church.

“Learn what the secret budget is and how it works” – Folha de S. Paulo, before the silent edition.

“Learn what the rapporteur’s amendment is and how it works” – Folha de S. Paulo, after the silent edition.


“From Churchill to Lula: the art of returning to power” – Jornal O Globo, comparing a statesman who beat Hitler to an ex-convict for corruption.

“Lula recommends books and movies on social media for the holiday. Know which ones” – Jornal O Globo. We haven’t seen the recommendations, but let’s try to guess: “The Condemned Twelve”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Cell” and “Heaven on High”. Did we get it right?

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