Phrases of the Week: “Someone has to put some sense into Lula’s campaign”

“Someone has to put some sense into Lula’s campaign” – Simone Tebet, senator converted to PT, advising the PT to abandon the extreme left flags and approach the center, but only pretend, until the end of the elections. Vai que cola.

“F, São Paulo, use this xenophobia for something that is worth at least once in your life!” – Emicida, rapper, in a statement that shows that there is no bad prejudice when it comes to exalting the candidates of the Broken. If it was against a gay candidate, is there any doubt that homophobia is being used for the same purpose?

“—Dr. Freud?

— It’s him.

— Here is San Pedro. Sorry to bother you at this hour, but we need his help. The boss went into an outbreak of megalomania.

— God? And what does he think he is?

— STF Judge!” – Nelson Ascher, poet. The joke is good. So why spoil it with a comment, right?

“The Rio militia are very excited about Tarcísio, there will be dominance of new territory. Take care, São Paulo” – Xico Sá, journalist. Is he suggesting that every carioca is a militiaman? Even those who just the other day were sporting a CPX cap?

“Nowadays what we need is weapons” – Oleksandra Matviichuk, award winner Peace Nobel. Well, if even Henry Kissinger and the terrorist Yasser Arafat received the honor…

“The coup plan is with Congress, not with the Armed Forces” – Eliane Cantanhêde, journalist, insisting on the thesis that Bolsonaro wants to carry out a coup, now with the help of the newly elected conservative Congress. It seems like those people who name the cat “dog” just for fun.

“Bolsonaro promised Collor as a minister. If he is elected, goodbye Brazilian savings” – Márcia Tiburi, self-exiled philosopher whose Socrates, it is noted, is the enfant terrible André Janones.

“Bolsonarismo increasingly similar to Chavismo in Venezuela. Similarities impress” – Guga Chacra, journalist. Yes, the “similarities” are impressive. For example:

“I like the word expurgo” – Breno Altman, journalist, in conversation with PT capo José Dirceu. Run there to check if Altman signed the letter in defense of democracy!

“Joe Biden is too restrained. It’s time to legalize cocaine” – The Economist, a British magazine that really isn’t an example of restraint since it promised that Brazil would “take off” with Lula and Dilma using and abusing developmentalism – the economic cocaine of any country.

“ABI with Lula in defense of democracy” – Brazilian Press Association, which evidently brings together only PT journalists who still believe in the bullshit that the revolutionary from Garanhuns is going to save democracy. I want to see them regain power from the hands of Alexandre de Moraes…

“This is the most stolen election since the end of the military dictatorship of 64. Stolen by Bolsonaro and those who support him. If he still loses, it’s because God wanted it” – Ricardo Noblat, journalist. Is it just me or is he questioning the smoothness of the Brazilian electoral system? Wasn’t there a TSE minister who promised rigor against this type of thing?

“Lula’s victory will have the effect of resuming the great mobilizations of the MST” – João Pedro Stédile , boss of the Landless. Some say this was a threat. If not, it seems. Oh, it does.

“To call a person an ‘ex-convict’ as an offense is to offend everyone who was arrested one day. For example, Jesus, who was also arrested one day” – Rosana Hermann, screenwriter and theologian of the occasion.

“Petition for the impeachment of Damaris before inauguration. Subscribe and spread. Shoo!” – Marcelo Tas, presenter, joining the choir of those who, for some reason, hate the crusade of Damares Alves against abject crimes. Or you will see anything against an ally of Jair Bolsonaro.

“If they are already working, I feel that it is a mistake to close them to use coal again” – Greta Thunberg, ecochata activist. Now that water (cold or heated with coal) has hit the neck with the Ukrainian War, it’s easy to say.

“If Bolsonaro re-elected he will close the churches” – again Márcia Tiburi, again a philosopher, again spreading fake news as if there was no TSE to stop her. Oh, and there really isn’t!

“Target of Bolsonaristas, Xuxa’s film denounces child sexual exploitation” – Splash, UOL’s “culture” site, on the decision of Xelebridade de encourage pexoas to watch the famous movie “Amor, Estranho Amor.” In the story that Xuxa now considers uplifting, a grown woman maintains intimate relations with a 12-year-old boy. It’s the denunciation with a touch of mischief. Believe who wants to, doubt who has sense.

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