Phrases of the Week: “See agribusiness, you know? Which is fascist and rightist…”

“Luciano, you can come with the little process but remember that I have a privileged forum, okay? The one who judges is Xandão!” – André Janones, deputy and PT member on occasion, in response to businessman Luciano Hang and showing complete confidence in STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes. It doesn’t take so much effort to connect the dots.

“With zero tax by Bolsonaro, whey protein can pose health risks” — headline of Diário do Litoral

, newspaper from Santos (SP). During the Trump administration, part of the American press embarked on what became known as the “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. Apparently it is contagious, mutated into the Bolsonaro variant, and has already reached the Brazilian press.

“The term ‘tchutchuca do Centrão’ is LGBTphobic and sexist” – Luciana Genro, state deputy for PSOL in RS, in a tweet that was later deleted. It’s still funny when the far-left crowd exaggerates the sealing and the plan backfires.

“Michelle Bolsonaro’s unevangelical haircut” – Ricardo Noblat, journalist and inspector of the degree of religiosity of other people’s haircuts. Sometimes you don’t need a friend to give someone a touch when they are being ridiculous, right?

“We are PT, leftist and socialist” – Zé Dirceu , PT, leftist and communist. Not even at the time of proudly assuming the adherence to failed ideas Zé Dirceu can stop making up reality.

“Do you want to hit a woman? Go hit another place” – Lula, during an improvised speech (when usually what he really thinks appears) Are you listening to this? It is the silence of the feminists, who so far have not commented on the ex-convict’s misogynistic speech.

“I do not fear the demons that flee the cross, I fear those that they burn books” – Cristovam Buarque, former Minister of Education and, by the tenor of the phrase, either an atheist communist or a communist creator of a heterodox demonology. Nothing is more ridiculous than this mania self-exaltation of intellectuals.

“I get very sleepy in the morning. Getting out of bed after ten is a libertarian, subversive and anti-capitalist act” – Antonio Prata

, columnist. Capitalism is so efficient at creating wealth that it can afford to have sleepy columnists who don’t have to wake up with the chickens to pick up the hoe.

“What a notion of history is this?” – Lilia Schwarcz, historian, revolted by the arrival of D. Pedro I’s heart in Brazil and associating the symbolic act with a “bolsonarist necrophilia.” The comment for this boils down to a word: affectation.

“I’m going to give Bonner a kiss” – Jair Bolsonaro, president, before the interview with Jornal Nacional. Fortunately or unfortunately the promise didn’t come true. Or at least the cameras didn’t catch it. But imagine the memes!

“Panic/sadness about getting fat is fatphobia” – Jessica Albino

, journalist and weight activist, berating a person who fights obesity. That. Disease. That. Kills.

“When a European ruler turns a decade in power, he is a great statesman. A fucked up Latino who dares to do the same is a dictator” – Alvaro Borba, journalist who, believe me!, wrote a book entitled “Everything you needed to unlearn to become a idiot.” Faced with this pearl, it is possible to say with some certainty that, at least for For Borba, the book had the desired effect.

“Bolsonaro lies when using the term lockdown. Brazil did not have a lockdown at any time” – Vera Magalhães, journalist who considers Alexandre de Moraes a genius, shamelessly denying the facts.

“I really wanted to live in the Brazil that this person describes” – Paola Carosella, cook and gastronomic influencer. Better to live in this invented Brazil than in real Argentina, isn’t it?

“Someone from makeup comes in and puts a foundation on that horrible skin for God’s sake” – Marcos Veras (Summer), actor and amateur dermatologist. The fantasy world does not support the imperfections of the real world.

“Here he comes to talk about lockdown. Repeat with me, he didn’t have a lockdown ”- Mariliz Pereira Jorge , newspaper columnist. Well, for those people who were absurdly arrested for walking in the square or going to sunbathe on the beach for breaking the lockdown (yes, lockdown!) in Araraquara and Rio de Janeiro, was it all just a collective hallucination?

“Defenders of the dictatorship deserve the garbage can of history” – Sâmia Bomfim, far-left deputy and defender of all left-wing dictators in history, from Lenin to Fidel Castro.

“I heard that Alexandre de Moraes’ pen will run out of ink this week” – Roberta Luchsinger, PT member with direct line to the oval head of Alexandre de Moraes. An absent-minded person would even say that this is indecency. But apparently not in today’s Brazil

“Being a pop artist is a disgrace, honestly” – Luisa Sonza, not-so-pop artist . There is much greater misfortune. Listening to the “music” of certain singers, for example.

“Are you going to cheat? Use condom. The desire exists and some people may give in. But don’t put on the straight who wasn’t aware, nor chose to take the same risks as you.” – Vinicius Borges, infectious disease specialist, ignoring that condoms do not prevent monkeypox contagion. Not to mention the moral problem of betrayal, treated normally by the doctor.

“I have enormous friendship, respect and admiration for Minister Alexandre de Moraes. But I cannot agree with what I read today. I participate in the group that is nothing more than a conversation about clubs, football, politics and economics” – Marcos Cintra, professor, economist and above all a friend of the king. The people who idolize the STF only realized now that we are facing a revolutionary minister?

“Ciro Gomes is the candidate best prepared to be president” – Fábio Porchat, comedian, finally saying something funny.

“I cried watching Lula on JN. More than when I voted for him in 2002. So much of our history! Rationally speaking, my candidate is Ciro. But Lula snatches it. I’m a typical Brazilian” – Caetano Veloso, who hasn’t been this excited since Paula Lavigne’s last debutante party.

“They had an opinion: ‘Look, the coup is preferable to the former president’. But in Criminal Law, the cogitation is not punished. I had WhatsApp as something unreachable. Insecurity begins to reign” – Marco Aurélio Mello, former minister of the STF, speaking the ululating obvious.

“In order to defeat the genocidal monster that destroyed Brazil in these 4 years. For the end of fear, hunger, denialism, incompetence. I declare my vote for Lula 13 in the first round of the presidential elections do Brasil” – Felipe Neto, influencer or something like that. To the surprise of zero person.

“We need to respect people’s self-determination. Each country takes care of its nose. That’s how I want it for Brazil, that’s how I want it for others” – Lula, presidential candidate and friend of dictators. Following Lula’s distorted logic, no one from the Brazilian left could never complain about the military dictatorship. After all, “we need to respect the self-determination of peoples”.

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