Phrases of the week: “Neguinho is everybody. It is something Brazil can be proud of.”

“This story of Marina missing first is a racist, prejudiced, sexist and authoritarian view” – Marina Silva, eternal ex-future president of Brasil, about this annoying thing about her disappearing and reappearing every four years, on the eve of the election. If only Marina were to appear…

“I am aware that I am not a person” – Lu da Magalu, virtual assistant of the retail chain, in an interview with Exame magazine. It’s already started stumbling, this artificial intelligence thing. And since when is a robot aware of something, Dona Lu? (We ask respectfully not to be accused of being robophobic.)

“We have to take this seriously, as seriously as you are, because you were forced to take this seriously” – Kamala Harris, vice president of the USA, or maybe it was Dilma Rousseff and the Frases da Semana team was wrong. We joke, but “we have to take this seriously, as seriously as you are, because you were forced to take this seriously”. Or not.

“Neguinho means everyone. It’s something Brazil can be proud of” – Caetano Veloso, singer, songwriter, lightning, star and moonlight. Will the same organizations that now want R$ million from Nelson Piquet for “collective damages” will go to court against Caê? It’s better to take the stool and wait seated.

“I think cin the pants” – Bruno Gagliasso, actor. Just because hanging a watermelon around your neck was more work and we know that PT members are not very keen on making an effort.

“But it’s good for people to get used to it. What you guys did has a name and it’s not a joke. It’s homophobia. And it’s a crime” – José Leôncio, character from Pantanal played by Marcos Palmeira, inaugurating in Brazilian teledramaturgy the figure of the “brucutu woke”.

“People, most black rappers are vegan, they only eat hearts of palm” – Majur, artist, referring to white women who relate to blacks as “palmito” . But reverse racism doesn’t exist, you know.

“Instead of ‘he is a driver’, use ‘elu is a driver’” – app newsletter 99. And if elu gets late, misses the way, cancels the race or drives like a madman, always remember to that giving elu a bad review is transphobia.

“It was after what happened to George Floyd that I started to struggle with the fact that I bought into systemic racism in ways I never knew” – Marta Kauffman, creator of the series “Friends”, signaling virtue in the way that guilt-ridden whites prefer: making a donation that to the poor devils looks like a millionaire, but that won’t even tickle your income.

“Warning: ‘Ricardo III’ contains scenes of death, violence and threat” – poster at the entrance of a production of Shakespeare’s play. The snowflake generation, which consumes Tarantino’s superficial violence, is incapable of supporting a mere iambic pentameter.

“My message to the companies that manage the stations and that determine the price at the bomb is simple: we are in a time of war and the world is at risk. Lower prices at the pump according to cost price. And do it right now” – Joe Biden, US President. Just translate this into Spanish and Biden has a great chance of becoming president of Argentina. And, perhaps, even Brazilians.

“’With Lula, shooting clubs will become libraries’, says Bolsonaro. The photo below is not of a shooting club. It’s the line for the Book Biennial today in São Paulo. More than 1 million tickets were sold. We want more books and less guns” – Renato Terra, filmmaker, it is not known whether he is more moved by Lula or by this fake and sentimental little argument that opposes guns and books. If he researched the history of Stalin’s library, he might be surprised that one of the greatest murderers in history is also a great reader.

“I apologize to everyone for my words. . I was very bad in choosing each of them. All my indignation at myself. A kiss to all” – Glenda Kozlowski, presenter, after asking them to analyze the context of the interview in which Nelson Piquet refers to Lewis Hamilton using the word “neguinho”. If only Glenda had watched Caetano Veloso’s interview (see the sentence that illustrates this collection) before…

“I have said that EC 72 (formerly PEC das Domésticas) was one of the main milestones to take an angry middle class to the streets from 2013. Threatening the dream of sinhá and sinhô, trying to break through one of the last bastions of our slave regime, was all too much for these people” – Wallace Corbo, professor at FGV. It’s always a surprise to see professors from institutions as prestigious as FGV talking about such big nonsense. Professor, use your academic credentials and present us with the study confirming all this.

“Pedreiro’s Glove saying that he signed a contract without reading because he doesn’t know how to read. Not him, not his family. Literacy is important. Literacy for young people and adults mainly, and there was no way not to remember Paulo Freire at that moment. Hatred of those who take advantage of this – Tati Nefertari, pedagogue, forgetting that it is precisely Paulo Freirização of Brazilian education that is responsible for cases like this.

“But, yes, the prejudiced embarrassment of ‘tastephobia’. Perhaps, if it had been a man, the demeanor would have been more respectful and kind. I felt diminished and inferior with all eyes on me” – Andréa Sunshine, known as Grandma Fitness. Gostosofobia – what a concept!

“Discussions about everything that is understood as excess of “rights” for the judiciary. Zero debate about the workload and its impacts on everyone’s physical and mental health (judges and servers)”. – Marcela Lobo, judge. A pity the magistrate did not disclose her Pix. There is so much physical and mental suffering, so much “lack” of rights for judges, that it even makes you want to make a small contribution to these beings who, in addition to being enlightened, are selfless.

“What love has united the electoral domicile does not separate” – Rosângela Moro, wife of Moro and pre-candidate for federal deputy for… São Paulo. It is the new politics using the means of the old politics to get elected. A feather.

“I ‘love’ revelation teas, a highly misogynistic and sexist event”. – Daiane Oliveira, journalist. You, who are partying to reveal the sex of your child, know that Dona Daiane thinks you are misogynist and sexist.

“It is very strange to put Manoel Soares and Valéria Almeida (both pretos) as assistants to Patrícia Poeta and Michelle Loreto at the #meeting. It doesn’t take this image well in 2022. I don’t know how whoever creates the program doesn’t understand the obvious. It would be better to just call Valéria, or just Michelle.” – Fernando Borges, journalist. For Borges, there is nothing better to fight racism than taking away two black people’s jobs. To paraphrase the subject himself, I don’t know how anyone who writes such nonsense doesn’t realize the obvious.

“’Baby you’re a firework’ is great, but women in the US have less rights than a simple firecracker” – Katy Perry, singer and pun stunt double. Even the “plum/love them/leave them” can be better than that. (But not much)

“The 4th of July was canceled due to lack of freedom” – Bette Midler, actress, lamenting the lack of freedom to kill babies after the US Supreme Court decision that reversed Roe v. Wade.

“Summary of the opera: nothing will come of it. Átila Iamarino (through a third party), thanked the provision, but declined any advice from our community. No positioning, no editing and, on his channel, all the transphobic videos will remain there, without any footnotes – Monalícia Kenobi, biologist. Poor Attila. She spent the pandemic raising crows and now they’ll take her eyes out. At least he is immunized with about forty doses of the Covid vaccine.

“Tomorrow the European Parliament will decide whether natural gas and nuclear energy will be considered “sustainable”, according to the new taxonomy of the European Union. But no lobbying or “greening” will ever make these energy sources “green”. We desperately need renewable energy sources, not fake solutions” – Greta Thunberg, activist and angry teenager, about the measures the European Union is having to adopt when confronted with the reality of energy shortages on the continent. Instrumentalized, poor thing, the girl thinks that to “fix” the world it is enough to cling to the best terms.

“By signing the Declaration of Independence , the 12 Americans offered their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. It was not an empty offer: nine signatories were wounded during the Revolutionary War, five were captured or imprisoned. Wives and children were killed, imprisoned, mistreated or bankrupted. The houses of 17 signatories were set on fire, 17 of them lost everything which had. No signatory has repented—their honor, like their nation, has remained intact.” — Monument at the historic home of Berkeley Plantation, Virginia. This is a disclaimer of respect. .

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