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Phrases of the Week: “Lula is not an ex-convict. A convict is someone who is serving time in prison.


“We are running the risk of abandoning critical thinking in the name of preferences. I’m talking about us journalists” – Dora Kramer, journalist, pulling her ear, but with that dose of understatement. There is also “the risk” of being cold in Curitiba this year.

“The FBI came to us stay on alert. What Twitter did is say you can’t share. We didn’t. (…) Distribution [da notícia] on Facebook was decreased, but people could still share” – Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, trying to explain the participation of the social network in the suppression of the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Thanks Mark, now that we know you speak directly to the FBI, we feel more relaxed.

“Lula once again lost the chance to condemn without reservations the regime in Venezuela and the other left-wing dictatorships in Latin America. She used an argument in rags, proclaiming the self-determination of peoples and saying that Brazil would have friends among all nations. Not that anyone serious has doubts about Lula’s democratic credentials (the candidate closest to trying to turn Brazil into a Venezuela is Jair Bolsonaro)” – Editorial of the newspaper O Globo . Since there is no one serious here in Frases da Semana, we all doubt the democratic credentials of Lula, who has praised Ortega and other dictators.

“Bolsonaro’s Lives have 68 millions of views, triple Lula’s, and expose challenges of moderation of networks” – Sonar, blog of the newspaper O Globo that reveals what is behind the persecutory password of militancy: for friends, freedom of expression, for disaffections, moderation of networks.

“Things are going to get complicated for Nelson Piquet… the week will be full of great emotions in the curves of life…” – Roberta Luchsinger, bald PT member, fortune teller who reads the fortunes of Alexandre de Moraes’ bald head, in yet another very tedious prediction. Until the end of Phrases of the Week, however, it is not known that the three-time F1 world champion had to face the tacky image of “great emotions in the curves of life”.

“You need a terrorist. (…) Someone who knows how to put an end to the heart of a self-imposed emperor, to finally give back to the people their own, living, red heart” – Julián Fuks , columnist and writer, in the sure provocation of those who speak for a small group and have no reason to fear the action of the Sheriff.

“I used the word ‘terrorist’ figuratively” – The same Julián Fuks, after the reaction to the text mentioned above, claiming to be the target of death threats. Soon the daring scribe must join Márcia Tiburi and Jean Wyllys in some luxurious exile.

“This season we talk about racism, harassment, sexual abuse against children and adolescents, ageism, limits on humor, defense of democracy, appreciation of regional culture. It’s all politics and it’s there in an entertainment show” – Gabriela Prioli, lawyer, commentator and The Biggest Reader in the Galaxy, about her new TV show. But who would attend such a thing of their own free will?

“Tabajara Futebol Clube says why he doesn’t want Neymar on his team” – Bolsonaro, tweeter president, responding to Gabriela Prioli, who said she doesn’t want him to be on her new show.

“Joker! This year of 68 I am a candidate for the Federal Senate. And you, at my request, are a candidate for federal deputy” – Janaina Paschoal, jurist and deputy, appearing alongside the candidate “Coringa Reaça”, dressed in character. One of those rare occasions when the other is dressed as a clown, but you’re the one who’s embarrassed.

“It is better for the police not to engage in conflicts.” – Giovani Damico, candidate for the government of Bahia for the PCB who found a way to attract attention and, thus, garner almost 1% of the votes in the state: he said that wants to deduct the bullets fired from the salaries of the police.

“Latin America has to react together to collaborate in preventing it” – Gabriel Boric, president of Chile who works every day to destroy the Chilean economy, suggesting foreign intervention in Brazil in the event of a coup. Uh, but doesn’t the São Paulo Forum defend the self-determination of peoples?

“If you want to fight a country, you need a F-, something bigger than a pistol” – Joe Biden, President of the United States, in yet another mixture of folly and senility, provoking the Republicans and, unintentionally, underscoring the importance of the always much attacked 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.


“I am guilty because I’m innocent” – Lula, reprehensible ex-convict, but not reprehensible, at the time Dilma Rousseff. Because behind every PT there is a hidden figure, which is a dog. Or something like this.

“Vera, I couldn’t expect anything else from you. You sleep thinking about me. You have some crush on me. You are a disgrace to Brazilian journalism” – Bolsonaro, president, with his characteristic delicacy and strategy of convincing the undecided and above all the undecided.

“You were under arrest!” – Ciro Gomes, mocking Lula when the PT said that Ciro fled to Paris in order not to vote for Haddad. Lula, who in the debate seemed to be without his cup of trickery, still tried to amend a victimist response. But it was too late. And besides, he was really stuck, huh.

“We need a woman to clean the house” – Simone Tebet, feminist presidential candidate, reinforcing the cruel gender roles of patriarchy. And the worst part is that she didn’t even notice the gaffe.

“Reinforce my security and I will start talking” – Soraya Thronicke, presidential candidate who turns into a jaguar , acting as Cabo Daciolo and ensuring some good laughs during the tedious conversation.

“This is the biggest opportunity to sequester carbon” – Felipe D’Ávila, liberal presidential candidate who decorated Ayn Rand, but who doesn’t miss the opportunity to pay homage to the ESG dictatorship.

“Bolsonaro doesn’t even say good night” – Fabiana Pulcineli, journalist and law degree, about the beginning of the presidential debate in the Band. This is what many want from a president: more “good night” and less good economic and social indicators.

“It could be both Ciro and Lula in the second round, right?” – Ingrid Guimarães, actress and comedian, being funny the only way she can: involuntarily.

“Havan in the debate propaganda?!?! What is this, my people?” – Eliane Catanhêde, journalist, being introduced to the wonderful world of advertising – which pays her salary.

“Lula is the favorite in the polls, Bolsonaro is president and is in second place, but… the only mention is Simone Tebet, who won the debate” – The same Eliane Catanhêde. On Monday morning, only the name of Simone Tebet was heard in Praça da Sé.

“Who won? Lula or Bolsonaro? In my opinion: Bolsonaro. Regrettably…” – Matheus Leitão, journalist. Unfortunately… (Just kidding, we love Matheus and thank him for his periodic contributions to this noble space).

“Bolsonaro lost the debate by attacking Vera Magalhães” – Thomas Traumann, journalist and former secretary Dilma’s Communications Department, with an impartiality to please.

“Lula could send me to the pwho gave birth” – Ciro Gomes, presidential candidate who during the debate said it wanted to “pacify the country”, in a moment joke a la Joel Santana after the debate.


“Woman You don’t have a peaceful day, do you? After posting a photo showing off the medals she won at the European Aquatics Championships, swimmer Linda Cerruti was the target of sexist comments” – Universa , UOL’s progressive website. In this case, the athlete had the medals hanging from her beautiful legs and posed upside down, wearing a tiny bikini that highlighted her full glutes. Ah, those “sexist comments” were compliments to her body.

“Anitta won VMAs, danced to the sound of funk, rolled her tail and made history.” – Universa, the day before the sentence above, in the best style “when I do it, you can”.


“So I hope to be punished for my mistake and that can strengthen the fight against structural racism, which unfortunately occurs in our country” – André Janones, deputy and digital coordinator of Lula’s campaign, in an exercise of self-flagellation after call the candidate for deputy Sérgio Camargo the “captain of the bush.” Congratulations to Janones, whoever he is, for being able to be more of a source of cringe

identity as Simone Tebet.

“Permanent Peoples Court condemns Bolsonaro for crimes against humanity. More information in a moment.” – Jamil Chade, reporter and columnist, playing courtroom like children play house.

“Finally the hoax/thread/prank/breeze of the couple of brothers making love was here and the only thing I have to say is: have you noticed how this little drama of “justifying” the incest prohibition by the possibility of having ‘defective’ children is 200% Capacitism?” – Marilia Moschkovich, “Bolchehippie” sociologist and anthropologist, more concerned with carrying out the absurd narrative of “capacitation” than with studying the basics of genetics, which explains why that incest generates children with serious organic problems. Since she is not scared by the immorality of the thing, maybe a little science will help.

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