Phrases of the Week: “Lost, dummy, don’t bother”

“Who is the Market? What is the Market? What ‘subject’ or ‘entity’ is this full of bad moods? Someone introduce me? Does anyone point me? Is there a totem for him where poor people are bled as a sacrifice? Please! It’s time we put this ‘god’ in its place, right?” – Jean Wyllys, ex-self-exiled deputy and Soros scholarship holder, who as a good socialist does not know which entity is to be parasitized in his political ideology to fatten the State. Who is the Market? His first name is Walter. Call djá.

“I have the following suggestion: consolidate the Lula government, create a Criminal Court on crimes committed during the pandemic, especially, accusing Bolsonaro of various crimes , pozueloand other ministers, similar to the Nurembeg Court , in which Nazi criminals were tried” – Leonardo Boff, PT theologian, for whom lockdown, violation of bodily integrity by forcing vaccines regardless of prior infection and violation of freedoms by forcing masks ineffective are not crimes, neither spiritual nor secular.

“Be careful not to root against Brazil just because you have a tantrum with Lula” – Joel Pinheiro, philosopher and political tipper. As if Lula and his party hadn’t done more than enough for the “tantrum” with them to automatically be something in favor of Brazil.

“I changed my name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson. It’s not a joke” – Rainn Wilson, actor who played the weird nerdy character Dwight Schrute in the series

The Office

. The new name, generated on a climate scaremongering website, is something like “Toró Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson”. clarified, where the stereotype of the roles delegated to us is important. Despicable talks about Eliane Cantanhede about Janja [esposa do Lula]. Having an opinion and political participation is the right of all of us women! Without this first lady” – Gleisi Hoffmann, president of the PT, who is not terrified by the nepotism embedded in the government transition team, using identity smokescreen .

“Someone talking about ‘encrusted machismo’ with me is not only unfair, it’s ridiculous. My feminism is in my DNA and in my entire life. I praised Janja, I just separated personal relationship with public function” – Eliane Catanhêde, journalist, in response to Gleisi. What is worse: praising Janja or saying that she has feminism in her DNA?

“People with libido and sex are uncomfortable, especially women” – Paola Lins de Oliveira, anthropologist, about Janja. Since libido and sex are animal instincts and don’t involve producing anything, bragging about them is like bragging about having a body temperature of 37° Ç. It must be a lack of accomplishments.

“I decided to request my removal from the transition team” – Guido Mantega, former finance minister under Lula, finally making some contribution to the Brazilian economy.

“That was a huge gain” – Edmar Bacha, one of the fathers of the Real Plan, on the departure of Mantega.

“I think it is wrong for Lula, for whom I voted, to hitch a ride on entrepreneur” – Mika Lins, actress and director. In the midst of 2022 there are people who are still amazed at Lula’s character…

“Everything was relatively calm until Lula enters the scene” – Dora Kramer, journalist, commenting on the market reaction to the president-elect’s speeches.

“Everything we discussed was leaked to the newspapers, it is not appropriate. And that is not how the conversation was conducted” – Xi Jinping, dictator of China, giving a public scolding of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, who responded with robotic public relations talk and left quietly.

“At least half of the country rooting for Bolsonaro, in his immense defeat and fear of prison, to embody Getúlio” – Lola Aronovich, professor at the Federal University of Ceará and feminist blogger, wishing the president would commit suicide. Months ago, she said that 2018’s stabbing was staged. “Human rights” activists get pretty inhumane when you disagree with them.

“Brazil is back” – Lula, newly elected ex-convict, at Egypt’s climate narcissism summit. Back to delay.

“Will the dollar rise, the stock market fall? Patience” – Lula, re-elected. For those who promise a green government, this talk is very mature.

“I had forgotten how good civilized life is. Hear haughty, sensitive, sovereign speech. Don’t fight the facts, deny the science. Gradually we leave the pocketverse and discover that there is still intelligent life on Earth. Hallelujah!” – Amanda Klein, emotional journalist, about Lula’s speech. It is that intelligent life that calls half of the electorate the “Cuscous Klan”.

“Jet, beach house, triplex and farm: remember Lula’s ethical conflicts with businessmen” – Folha de S. Paulo, newspaper, redefining corruption.

“They were poor in the service of a foreign power ” – Elias Jabbour, professor of economics at UERJ, communist, defending the death penalty in socialist regimes for political dissidents. It’s because of people like that that communism produced more than 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

Cantinho do Supremo

“A legend was created in Brazil spread on social media that the Federal Supreme Court is against the president. The Supreme is in favor of the Constitution and the laws. We do not have a political side, our side is the side of democracy” – Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF. All that remains is to know which constitution and which laws Barroso is talking about.

“The other legend that needs to be dispelled is that the Federal Supreme Court is an activist. Judicial activism? Cases are extremely rare. People call judicial activism the decisions they don’t like” – Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF. Yes, of course, that must be why Brazil is the ranked among 2018 countries in the ranking that measures the performance of Justice, which evaluates things such as speed in resolving cases, corruption and access of the population to legal advice.

“Perdeu, mané , do not bother” – Luís Roberto Barroso, minister of the STF, responding to a demonstrator in New York. By saying that the protester lost, Barroso implies that he is on the winning side, which, let’s face it, does not go well with the two previous sentences.

“Tip of the day : he comes to the friend who went to the front of the barracks to sing for the tire and says very softly ‘you lost, mané, don’t bother’” – Randolfe Rodrigues, senator and burr of the STF , feeling empowered by Minister Barroso’s speech.

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