Phrases of the week: “I will cover my nose and vote for Bolsonaro”


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Abraham Weintraub: “Vou tapar o nariz e votar em Bolsonaro”
Abraham Weintraub: “I’m going to cover my nose and vote for Bolsonaro”| Photo: Agência Brasil/Phrase.It

“Guys, we can accommodate immense disappointment with Lula in recent 10 years with celebrating change in hopes of removing fascist gangsters and evangelical supremacists from the federal government? I hope so” – Lúcia Guimarães

, journalist , playing Daiane dos Santos to justify her political preference for the ex-convict. What a nightmare life must be for someone who believes the country is being ruled by evangelical supremacists.

“LGBTQIA+ is not a risk group for monkeypox” –

Joana D’Arc, not the saint, but the infectious disease specialist at the Specialized Center in Infectious Diseases (Cedin). Gosh, Joan. Denialism like this, in the face? The New England Journal of Medicine disagrees: 67% of those infected are gay or bisexual men. This does not come from the fact that they are gay or bisexual, but from the risky behavior of this subgroup, the Bacchae.

“Anyone who doesn’t sign the democracy letter is a scoundrel, belongs in the dustbin of history” — Eduardo Bueno

, historian. Dudu is a lot of fun. Even show off your political tribalism. The curious thing is that the dustbin of history is full of leftist leaders. But it sticks, right?

“I was never invited to a dinner party. From where I write, I would like to say that I know what a dinner for two is like. But no, I don’t know. I never received that invitation. And sometimes I invited them were denied” – Jéssica Balbino, a slightly overweight journalist, problematizing an absolutely trivial fact of life. You have to give a metaphysical bottle (in this case, well reinforced) to these overdeveloped babies.

“Someone felt anxiety because of its publication on social networks. And that’s why you’re being arrested.” – British Police , in a video that went viral on social media. It makes sense that the dystopia predicted by George Orwell in “
” start in their own country.

“I wanted to ask something for those who truly understand literature. I saw deeply racist paragraphs in ‘Moby Dick’, continued reading the book with a twisted nose, I’m really annoyed. The book is by 1100. What is recommended in such cases? How do you rate it?” – Felipe Neto

, influencer,

duly refuted here and here.

“People!!! R$21,29 for a pot of cassava cooked in salted water?!?!? Soon, the poor will not even be able to eat manioc!!!” – Eliane Cantanhêde

, journalist. The exclamation points were collected during the investigation of an important investigative report that tried to answer an ancestral mystery for the inhabitants of Lago Sul, Jardins and Leblon: what is a poor person?

“Actually, those who did not sign the manifesto for democracy are against it. It’s fascist!” – Marcelo Rubens Paiva,

journalist, continuing a deep-rooted tradition among the left: calling all opponents fascists.

“It will be the fight of sovereign eagles against the pride of crows and vultures” –

Roberto Jefferson , the Bob Jeff, with his exuberant, abundant rhetoric, wealthy, gushing, diluvial, abundant, fertile, gushing, rich and luxuriant. Águias Soberanas gives a nice name of pagode/heavy metal/vanerão band, huh?

“My grandfather would probably be ashamed of his actions these days. But as he is not here to defend himself against those who try to promote themselves on top of him” – Alborghetti Neto, grandson of Alborghetti, complaining about former minister Sergio Moro, who played a video in which “Cadeia” praised him. When even praise is rejected, it’s because the phase is really angry. To quote the grandfather: PAF! FAP! FAP! PAF!

“History will remember the artists who did not take a stand” – Lázaro Ramos, an artist who positions himself too much. Does history have nothing better to do? This lady story is very nosy and moralistic.

“What embarrasses me the most, actually disgusts me , is to see a genocide, a subject who committed crimes against humanity, be treated as a candidate like any other” – Ricardo Lísias, writer. Who, however, does not feel any disgust at seeing an ex-convict convicted (and not acquitted!) of passive corruption and money laundering being treated as a candidate like any other.

“It is amazing how racism against black people resists. It doesn’t even respect science. The disease that has now gained popularity under the name of “monkeypox” has plagued countries such as Nigeria, the Central African Republic and the People’s Republic of Congo for decades, without Western science deigning to study it. After all, the mortality associated with it is low and was restricted to blacks” – Drauzio Varela, doctor and activist, one thing more than the other. It is impressive how cultural imperialism resists and does not even respect the Portuguese language, spoken by Africans such as those from Angola and Mozambique. The disease that cultural doormats call “monkeypox” has a Portuguese name, monkey pox. There are three options: monkey, monkey or monkeys. See how easy it is to problematize, Drauzio?

“I’ll cover my nose and vote for Bolsonaro”

Abraham Weintraub , former Minister of Education. Does that mean that instead of cake this year, we’ll be distributing nose pads on election day?

“In the near future, procreation will take place outside the human body and children will be able to be raised in communal day care centers” –

Regina Navarro Lins

, sexologist, extolling what one day It was once Nazi public policy. Someone show this lady Project Lebensborn, please!

“We need to save democracy and improve it ” – Geraldo Alckmin

, former toucan and today Lula’s partner. When a neo-communist talks about improving democracy, democracy itself runs away.

“I will never be able to be a good actress completely because militancy comes first” – Maíra Azevedo,

actress and activist, or vice versa, making excuses in advance in case his performance is criticized. If the performance as an actress is below the critics, just say that she put “the militancy in front.”

“I’d like you to see that I’m not wearing a tie; this means that we can all save energy too, and I have asked ministers, all civil servants and the private sector, if they have not already done so, not to wear a tie when it is not necessary, because that way we will be too saving energy, which is so necessary in our country” – Pedro Sanchéz, Spanish prime minister, in a half-Portuguese moment.

“Cis people have this habit of denying the diversity and multiplicity of bodies and bodies, so when we we look like them, we are accepted” – Gabryella Garcia

, new columnist for Marie Claire magazine, which was once a publication aimed at women, massacring cisnormative Portuguese. Bodies and bodies we understand, but why did they exclude bodies?

“Twitter discusses whether Anne Frank had ‘white privilege’” – The Jerusalem Post

, summarizing the sorry state of affairs in Western culture in general and social media in particular. It is even good, for giving us a moment of clarity: to make it very clear (ops!) that the racial identity movement and its “critical” “theory”, which is neither one nor the other, want to change the definition of racism in a way that the word would no longer describe (along with other ugly words) what happened to the Jews under Hitler.

“Right now, with data getting worse and worse, many people’s expectations have come together to wait for a recession. And these expectations could lead to one” – Kyla Scanlon, “educator” in economics, at New York Times . For Scanlon, the Biden administration’s mismanagement of the economy is the fault of US citizens, not the president. “The departure of Jô Soares is a huge sadness. Brilliant and awesome. In addition to your literature and his enormous talent for the interview, Jô created unforgettable types, like Captain Gay, the first queer superhero on Brazilian TV” – Jean Wyllys

, former deputy. When the comedian dies, the joke that would be interpreted as homophobic is seen as a queer tribute. stay tuned Ca for comedians: if you want to please the identitarians, die.

CANTINHO DA SIÊNÇA“Sexual chakra balanced? See how to take care of yours and avoid disharmony” – Folha de S. Paulo . As Vovó Naná, a classic character of the late Jô Soares in the Viva o Gordo program, would say, “my chakra is from a bratty”.


, former minister of STF, in a beautiful example of metallurgical-poetry. There was a tear of lubricating oil here.


, like a documentary filmmaker, extolling the leftist government of the neighboring country, which today suffers from inflation and shortages. But at least there the government uses neutral language in official documents. Phew.

“The world will be smoother without Trump” – Guga Chacra

, an anti-Trumpist journalist, in a historic tweet that has already been cited five a thousand times in this space. The worst thing is that there will probably be five thousand more opportunities to bring this pearl of Gugachacrian geopolitical analysis to the surface.
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