Phrases of the week: “I was condemned in the so-called Mensalão, which never existed”

“The regression we underwent is impressive. But what to expect from a person who would rather open a shooting club than a library?” – Gilberto Gil, singer, songwriter, axé, odara. Considered a first-rate intellectual by the intelligentsia Brazilian, Gil, astonished!, insists on the nonsense that books are innocent, as if the greatest murderers of the 20th century did not they had also been intellectuals. What would Ernest Hemingway say about such nonsense?

“Cannibalism has a time and a place. Some recent books, movies and series suggest that the time has come. Do you have the stomach for it?” – New York Times, the famous gringa newspaper, skipping a few steps and diving headfirst into the Soylent Green dystopia. It’s pure barbarism, but the NYT insists on calling it civilization.

“Do you think I’m proud to be Brazilian or not?” – Bebel Gilberto, daughter of João Gilberto, stepping on the national flag during a concert in California. The goal was to attract attention, and it even succeeded. It will be difficult to get enough flags to avoid the inevitable return to anonymity.

“Lula’s arrest was a US project” – Oliver Stone, filmmaker fan of Vladimir Putin. I have no doubt that the phrase is a publicity piece for Stone’s new conspiracy film. Starring Wagner Moura in the role of CIA agent Sergio Moro.

“Bolsonaro is an elite reaction that didn’t need the law to be racist” – Ynaê Lopes dos Santos, historian who must live in another universe where the elite is not PT. That part of the “law to be racist” doesn’t make any sense. It even looks like an artificial intelligence lining up random terms and slogans. Warn the nerds: the liro-lero generator passed the Turing test!

“The United States lives under a much worse totalitarian culture than the Soviet Union” – Noam Chomsky, a darling linguist of the left who wants to impose this totalitarian culture. Now the question: is Chomsky’s sentence a lament or a celebration?

“Many do not want me in Brasilia, but they will end up having me there” – Sergio Moro, ex-judge, ex-minister and ex-presidential candidate, committing (sic) the fateful cacophate. Leminski’s been reading a lot, huh?

“My characters are children, and children don’t mess with politics. We don’t do activism” – Maurício de Sousa, the “Brazilian Walt Disney”, who announced last year that there will be an LGBT character in Monica’s Gang, which certainly has nothing to do with politics, celtic?

“Women are getting pregnant every day in America, and this is a real problem” – Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, making the eugenics worldview on which abortion advocates are based increasingly clear. But this was not even Kamala’s worst sentence of the week. Continue reading that soon you will get there.

“It is necessary to understand that racism is structural and institutional. We have to talk, do and fight racism” – Simone Tebet, presidential candidate who swears that it is a third way, even praying for the left handbook. There are people who believe.

“Foot I ask mr. Augusto Aras: how do you file the pain of a son who lost a father because Bolsonaro ordered chloroquine to be used? How do you file the pain of a mother who lost a child because the government didn’t buy a vaccine? I still ask: where did you file your conscience?” – Randolfe Rodrigues, senator, appealing to the lowest fussiness — the only one he achieves — to move the Attorney General of the Republic. We asked the senator: where did his Excellency keep his honesty?

“I no longer believe in Bolsonaro’s honesty” – Abraham Weintraub , former education minister, in an interview for (attention!) the leftist magazine Carta Capital. It’s no use. The revolution always points to the same side: the left. Months ago, Weintraub promised a destructive live against Bolsonaro. It looked more like a Mexican soap opera with the right to chorumelas like “he fired me on Christmas Eve!”

“The clock doesn’t understand why (sic) he gets old and time doesn’t ” – Carlos Ayres Britto, poetisando with the right to error and all. But we understand Carlinhos. For those who read the Constitution so well that they believe that the Judiciary is the supreme power, the rule of why must sound like, I don’t know, quantum physics.

“I’m Kamala Harris. My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her’. I’m the woman sitting at the table wearing blue clothes” – Kamala Harris (or a very similar progressive robot), Vice President of the US Do you hear that noise? It’s Western Civilization (or at least the North American Empire) collapsing.

“Palocci is a thief, but Lula is a victim” – Roberto Requião, hot milk candidate for the government of Paraná. the word “castor”. How ugly!

“We will continue to be your only source of truth. If it didn’t come from us, it’s not true” – Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, zelandio for the maintenance of sanitary totalitarianism in the scenario of “The Lord of the Rings”.

“Now, play for a poem with a tip from the TSE” – profile of STF on Twitter. It is followed by a “poem” that achieves the feat of rhyming “help” and “stress”. This is the level of the judiciary in this country. It won’t surprise anyone if one of these days a decision of the STF appears out there drawn with crayon.

“JLo displays an unreal body at 53 years and does a disservice to ordinary women” — Nina Lemos, feminist columnist for the UOL. The same Nina Lemos wrote not long ago: “Keanu Reeves is a crush from the moment to 54. Would the same happen to a woman?” Consistency, we can see it here.

“I, for For example, I was condemned in the so-called Mensalão, which never existed”

José Dirceu ), the mind behind the PT’s most totalitarian delusions. Well, well, so was it all a collective delusion? Until the trial in the STF? Even Dias Toffoli’s enthusiastic saves?

“Get rid of your yacht before you want to lecture the world ” – Jair Bolsonaro, president, to Leonardo DiCaprio, an activist against global warming who ironically froze to death after the sinking of the Titanic.

“This includes, for the moment, reducing your number of sexual partners, reconsidering sex with new partners” – Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO director, asking with It is very polite for the bacchae to manage bacchanals that expose them to risks such as monkeypox. Now it’s health. You can leave the orgy for another time.


“Pantanal: Guta and Marcelo will have sex like two animals; know when and how” — Website headline
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