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“Brazil is home to the Amazon and other ecosystems that are essential for climate change. What happens there matters to all of us and the youth vote is essential to drive change for a healthier planet.” –

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and environmentalist . Not a word about the Venezuelan Amazon, currently threatened by the misery that always accompanies socialist regimes.

“You and Lula are our hope for Brazil. Good luck. May God be with you you” – a girl named

Valentina , in a letter of support supposedly written to the former governor of São Paulo

Geraldo Alckmin . Valentina must be Dona Lúcia’s granddaughter.

“We say Toxic Masculinity

as if I could





Toxic Masculinity

it’s the same

what to say

wild capitalism

Ricardo Aleixo, “poet”. When reading these badly written lines, what is most surprising is the age of the person who wrote them. To the 41 years was for mr. Aleixo has at least learned that what he does is anything but poetry.

“If Lula continues with this verbal incontinence, and if he does not invest in social communities in a intelligent and professional, will allow the current tenant of the Planalto to have a serious chance of reelection” –

Paulo Coelho , as a writer as Ricardo Aleixo is a poet. And isn’t it that even the profane saint of the PT has feet of clay?

“Proper food , of quality, is a right and it is in the Constitution. And as it is a right, it is a responsibility of the State”. –

Bela Gil , daughter of Gilberto Gil, playing on the shoulders of the Nanny State plus this duty: to provide a vegan daddy for all people.

“There are , fortunately, a statesman in the US and Europe, a high public figure, who made a very sensitive statement about how to resolve the crisis by facilitating negotiations rather than undermining them. His name is Donald J. Trump.” –

Noam Chomsky, linguist and idol leftist of 62 years that until yesterday he was an undisputed genius, but after that he probably already turned gagá for the communists.

“This is our 4 am reminder that abortion is a human right.” –

Amnesty International , progressive NGO. Then you will take a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, in the first line of Article 3, it reads that “Every individual has the right TO LIFE, liberty and security of person”.

“I never got any government money. I’m here with my heart” – Daniela Mercury, singer and lulista sympathizer (euphemism) who has been since the 1990s 768 down the slope. Too bad the Official Gazette tells a story 100 a thousand times different.

“This bum from Coco Bambu has 20 restaurants in Brazil and in the world, each one of them has a different social reason for not paying tax, for being in Super Simples. Ciro Gomes, eternal presidential candidate, using all the elegance of his vocabulary to express appreciation for entrepreneurs in Brazil.

“If a thief points his gun at a police officer what do we expect him to do? Shoot”. –

Tarcísio de Freitas , former minister and candidate for the government of São Paulo, speaking the obvious to a group of journalists amazed at the real world.

“Next Tuesday we will have a decisive moment in Brazilian politics. It will be the trial of councilor Renato Freitas (PT). The removal of the mandate will be a victory for racism and conservatism. I would like to be in Curitiba fighting this absurdity” –

Jones Manoel, communist revolutionary, inflating self-importance, but giving in to the charms of a delicious Bahian network to justify its absence at this “decisive moment in Brazilian politics”.

Cantinho do Lula

“Brazil’s most popular president returns from political exile with a promise to save the country” –

Time, magazine, in frank campaign to transform the ex-convict Lula ) in a Mandela Tupiniquim and confusing the xilindró of luxury of the Federal Police with an elegant and noble political exile.

“I am considered until today the most important President of the Republic in the country” – Lula

, ex-convict, in an attack of modesty.

“Bolsonaro doesn’t like people, like policemen” –

Lula ), ex-convict and research leader who speaks these currants on stage, surrounded by assholes, but does not have the courage to take to the streets to interact with the people who allegedly idolize him.

“And these shooting clubs that were created, get ready because it’s going to close . There will be a reading club. There will be books” –

Lula, ex-convict, evoking the old fallacy that whoever reads is necessarily a better person and that everyone who pays to shoot a paper target is a potential psychopath Mao Zedong, who killed some 24 MILLIONS of people (counting down), started out as a librarian.

“This guy [Zelensky] is as responsible as Putin.” – Lula, ex-con and notable diplomatic dwarf, blaming the girl for wearing provocative clothes.

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