Phrases of the week: “Brazil will dawn at war”

“It was real and disturbing” – Nina Jane Patel, psychotherapist who says she was raped in the metaverse. How the virtual world can be real she did not explain. Yeah, psychotherapists aren’t made like they used to be…

“We play strong and cry alone” – André Marques , former fat presenter, about having suffered from fatphobia at the time when he weighed a few arrobas. The truth, however, is quite different. We pretend to be strong and hold on to a pot of ice cream.

“Bolsonaro was very bad and Lula couldn’t do it” – Thiago Leifert , former presenter, justifying the null vote. Because of this phrase, Leifert even had his family tree investigated, as will be seen below. Felipe Neto also didn’t like it at all and undertook a campaign to cancel Leifert. Things are dark in Isentolândia.

“It is quite possible, in the near future, to have a favorite partner for sex, another for traveling, another for cultural life” – Regina Navarro Lins, a sexologist who, it seems, is discovering the concept of “friend”.

“How many first- ministers tolerated? For that alone she deserves all the admiration in the world” – Stephen Fry, comedian, during the celebrations of the 70 years of the queen’s reign Elisabeth II. The little tip went to Boris Johnson, the man behind Brexit and also the “lockdown for you, little party for me”.

“STF gives power to 11 authoritarian imbeciles not elected by anyone” – PCO, extreme-left party, provoking Minister Alexandre de Moraes with the short stick Where has it been said that the STF gives power to 11 authoritarian imbeciles not elected by anyone? You can’t say that the STF gives power to 11 authoritarian imbeciles not elected by anyone. Never repeat that the STF gives power to 11 authoritarian imbeciles not elected by anyone.

“In the STF dictatorship, a togado, in the same process, can be a victim, investigator, prosecutor and judge. This is how the toga skinhead, Alexandre de Moraes, attacks the PCO, after we denounce his abuse of power” – PCO, extreme-left party, insisting on the criticism It is worth remembering that, technically, Alexandre de Moraes, like all bald people, including the journalists who edit this space, is really a skinhead.

“Fans accuse ‘Stranger things’ of doing ‘queerbaiting’ with Will” – O Globo, newspaper, doing wokebaiting with the poor reader who just wants to watch a silly series in peace.

“Brazil will dawn at war” – Ciro Gomes, presidential candidate and amateur prophet , about Lula’s victory in the October elections. It remains to be seen whether the always bellicose Ciro likes the idea or not. Just in case, people say the bad language that Ciro’s brother, former senator Cid Gomes, is already preparing a tractor battalion.

“If the media continues to defame me, I will vote in Bolsonaro and campaigning for him, just because I know him winning is their worst nightmare, even though I don’t sympathize with the guy” – Monark, podcaster, throwing a tantrum and threatening to go against the churminha.

“My eyebrow is natural. As a child, I was bullied a lot for being ‘different'” – Fabrício Santana, model, saying that he suffered a lot for having a unibrow. It’s such a thing: between using tweezers and to blame society, for Frida Kahlo Tupiniquim it is much easier to blame society.

“Genealogical sociology almost always reveals the long-term family social and political factors for the ‘success’ of meritocracy’, in the same way explains inequality and difficulties for those from below” – Ricardo Costa de Oliveira, professor at UFPR, doing Thiago Leifert’s “genealogical sociology” to verify that the presenter was predestined for success. All because Leifert declared his intention to vote null.

“Misogyny is not something that only affects women” – Jonathan Van Ness, non-binary presenter who is actually more of a man taking advantage of a suffering previously reserved only for women.

“It’s not soft no, Brazil hungry and here ostentation!” – MTST, a private property squatter movement led by Guilherme Boulos, in a demonstration at the Iguatemi mall, in São Paulo. inability to solve the problem they are supposedly (and supposedly put it!) struggle against.

“Valentine’s Day in Trisal: what can and can’t be in the celebration?” – Universa, an extreme-progressive website, sanctioning the aberration of polyamory based on a song by Lulu Santos. As if any addiction that made us happy stopped being an addiction.

“ICMS, IPI? We have reduced these taxes. So along the chain, truce. (…) It locks the prices. Let’s stop raising prices there, two, three months. We are at a decisive moment for Brazil” – Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy to the president… Sarney? Guedes suggests someone who hasn’t been working for 4,000 years.


“Toffoli and Alexandre de Moraes made for themselves an AI-5: spoke ill of them, danced! It is not possible that, in full democracy, two judges behave like this, terrorizing the citizenry, transforming their black robes into society’s executioners’ hoods!” – Randolfe Rodrigues, senator, abusing exclamation points and luck when criticizing their friends in the STF.

“The 13 millions of unemployed are Dilma’s inheritance and the PT, which broke Brazil and destroyed state-owned companies. The petrolão was the biggest scandal of embezzlement of public money in the world!” – Geraldo Ackmin, former toucan now Lula’s close friend, in a deleted tweet. For Alckmin, a tweet is equal to its character: washed it’s new.

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