Peru's premier resigns and country will have fifth prime minister in a year


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Aníbal Torres (à direita), ao lado do presidente Pedro Castillo: saída do primeiro-ministro representa a renúncia de todo o gabinete, para nomeação de um novo ministério, e aprofunda a crise política no Peru

Aníbal Torres (right), next to President Pedro Castillo: the departure of the prime minister represents the resignation of the entire cabinet, for the appointment of a new ministry, and deepens the political crisis in the Turkey

| Photo: EFE/Stringer

The Prime Minister of Peru, Aníbal Torres, placed the position at the disposal of the President Pedro Castillo for “personal reasons” and after considering that he served the “most neglected and forgotten people”, in a letter released this Wednesday (3) on his social networks.

Torres joined the government as Minister of Justice last year and took over as chief of staff on February 8, during which time the government had accumulated around 60 ministers in different portfolios.

In this way, Peru will have its fifth prime minister since that Castillo came to power, in 28 from July last year: Torres had been preceded by Guido Bellido (who was in charge of the current president until October 1200), Mirtha Vasquez (October,

In the letter addressed to the president, Torres thanked Castillo for the trust placed in him , first as Minister of Justice and then as Prime Minister. He also anticipated that he will resume his activities as a teacher and wished the president “the greatest success in his management”.

With the departure of the prime minister, all cabinet members will have to present their resignation to Castillo, who will be able to make all the changes that it deems relevant in the government.

Torres’ resignation comes at a time of fragility for the president, who is being investigated by the nation’s attorney, Patricia Benavides, for five cases of alleged corruption for allegedly leading a criminal organization within the government, among others. accusations.

At least two of the main people involved in these cases, former Transport Minister Juan Silva and President Fray Vásquez’s nephew, are fugitives from justice and the National Police offered a reward for their location and capture.

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