Peru's new prime minister appoints predecessor as adviser

Presidente do Peru, Pedro Castillo, e o agora ex-primeiro-ministro do país, Aníbal Torres.Presidente do Peru, Pedro Castillo, e o agora ex-primeiro-ministro do país, Aníbal Torres.

President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, and the now former Prime Minister of the country, Aníbal Torres.| Photo: Twitter/Pedro Castillo Terrones

The new Prime Minister of Peru, Betssy Chávez, appointed her predecessor, Aníbal Torres – who held that position until last Thursday (24) – as an advisor to his office, according to this Sunday’s edition (27) of the country’s official newspaper, “El Peruano “.25

Torres resigned as prime minister after Congress, which is controlled by the opposition, refuses to give a vote of confidence to the government.1280

On Friday (25), the Peruvian President Pedro Castillo appointed Chávez, who was Minister of Culture and is being investigated by the Public Ministry for allegedly appointing close associates to public office.

In 14 of November, the The Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the opening of an investigation into the alleged commission of the crimes of incompatible negotiation and taking advantage of office and aggravated influence peddling against Chávez.

The investigation was opened after the Sunday program “Cuarto Poder” denounced that, when he occupied the Ministry of Culture, Bettsy Chávez had hired for the portfolio, – and allegedly facilitated the link with another state entity – relatives of businessman Abel Sotelo, with whom he maintains a relationship.1280

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