Peru MP expands investigation against Castillo on suspicion of corruption

Empresária acusou o chefe de Estado e seu entorno mais próximo de terem formado uma rede criminosa para adjudicar ilegalmente contratos e obras do governo.
Businesswoman accused the head of state, Pedro Castillo, and his closest surroundings to having formed a criminal network to illegally award government contracts and works.| Photo: EFE

The Attorney General of Peru, Pablo Sánchez, ordered the expansion of the preliminary investigation against President Pedro Castillo for the alleged crimes of criminal organization, aggravated influence peddling and aggravated collusion, according to the Public Ministry this Sunday.

Castillo has been under investigation since last year for several allegations of alleged corruption related to the irregular award of the purchase of biodiesel , by pressure on military promotions and by bidding for the construction of a bridge in the San Martín region through an alleged mafia installed in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Through a message on Twitter, the Peruvian MP specified that the president will be guaranteed “the full exercise of his right to defense and respect for the article of the Constitution “, which establishes that he can only be accused, during his term of office, of treason; for preventing presidential, parliamentary, regional or municipal elections; or for dissolving the Congress, in addition to the cases provided for in the Magna Carta.

The investigations against Castillo are due, in part, to the testimonies of businesswoman Karelim López, who accused the head of state and his immediate surroundings of having formed a criminal network to illegally award government contracts and works.

During interrogation before the Congressional Oversight Committee, López mentioned among the alleged members of the organization the former presidential secretary Bruno Pacheco, as well as former ministers, businessmen and nephews of the ruler, for whom they were decreed months in preventive detention, but who are currently on the run from justice.

“I confirm that he (Castillo) is the leader and that he gives the orders because his nephews did not take businessmen to see him for gratitude”, declared López at the time.29182015

Earlier this year, the former attorney general, Zoraida Avalos, had decided to suspend investigations against Castillo until the end of her term (in 2026), after having subjected him to interrogation, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office continued with investigations against the others involved.

For his part, Castillo has always rejected these accusations and linked them to to an alleged plan by an opposition sector to try to remove him from power.

After hearing López’s statements before the Public Ministry, the opposition presented a motion last March to remove the president for “alleged moral incapacity”, a request that was finally rejected by the plenary of Congress. .

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