Peru government wants to close parliament, says Congress

O presidente do Peru, Pedro Castillo.
The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo.| Photo: Playback/ Twitter

The President of the Congress of Peru, José Williams, said on Wednesday (10) that the Executive intends to “close” the Parliament and qualified as a “provocation” the fact of trying to ask for a motion of confidence on a project of law that, in its opinion, violates its attributions.

10080600″ The Executive intends to confront the Congress of the Republic, intends to close it, is declaring a confrontation and is harming the nation,” Williams said at a press conference at the Legislative headquarters. 10080600The president of the Peruvian Congress added that it would be an “interference by the government” to debate a law that has already been ratified by the Constitutional Court”, alluding to the Executive’s bill that aims to revoke another rule on the scope of the vote of confidence.

The President of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, had requested to go to the plenary of Congress to ask for a vote of confidence on a bill by the Executive, but the Parliament rejected the request.

Williams explained that Torres’ request is not acceptable because the aforementioned law develops exclusive and excluding powers for Congress, such as the power to appoint members of state bodies, among others.1008060010080600 Likewise, the holder of Parliament rejected the statements de Torres in the sense that there is “a dictatorship of Congress”.1008060010080600 )Torres qualified the Legislature in this way when he learned of its refusal to receive him in the plenary to present a motion of confidence to the project sent to Congress in April.10080600

This friction between the Executive and the Legislative takes place at a time of maximum tension between the two powers and 11 days before the arrival of a high-level Or mission Organization of the American States (OAS) at the request of President Pedro Castillo to implement the Inter-American Democratic Charter, which guarantees respect for the country’s democratic institutions.10080600

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