Perdeu, mané: Lula, STF and the lie of pacification in Brazil

If my fellow journalists were interested not in transforming, but in portraying (contemplating) the reality that surrounds us, they would never call the protesters who still today mobilize in front of barracks “coupists”. They are simple people, who are often unaware of the laws and theories behind the organization of the State, and not conspirators or bad losers. These are people who, in their absolutely democratic desperation, have yet to hear the supreme humiliation: you lost, asshole.

By the way, I dare say that there is more democratic spirit in a person who is from the barracks asking for a magical solution than a journalist who doesn’t think twice about calling protesters coup plotters. Of undemocratic. From bolsonaristas. From fascists. It is a democratic conviction, however, different from the one that so seduces the intellectual elite and whose effects are seen in the words and actions of the ministers of the STF.

That is why it is important to contemplate the character of the protesters who are at the same time spontaneous, untimely and of a touching naivety, capable of even believing that the elected ex-convict, Lula, was replaced by a look-alike who allowed himself to be filmed taking the mask. Contemplate, not judge. Understand, not transform. Portray with the fidelity of a Robert Capa, and not with the revolutionary spirit of a Sebastião Salvado.

Brother against brother

Only It is from the understanding that follows contemplation (again!) that it is possible to propose solutions other than revolutionary or counterrevolutionary violence. But the left does not contemplate; she transforms. Or it intends to transform, but always fails when stumbling over its own pride.

Lula and the leftist ministers of the STF, for example, say they are the only ones capable of pacifying the country – the first through cheap sirloin steak and the second through the “virtuous usurpation of power”. Double error that could cost the country its relative peace, because it assumes that the Brazilian is (i) absolutely venal and (ii) totally submissive to the tyranny of the toga and its cold and immoral lyrics.

The person who goes by the nickname Lula is only interested in one thing: Lula. And the leftist ministers of the STF are only interested in one thing: imposing progressive agendas down the throats of the population that they consider, let’s say, not fully enlightened. The first lives a narcissistic delirium unable to understand how it is possible that half of a country does not consider him a god. The others are busy creating a dictatorship that they insist on calling democracy just for mockery. that doesn’t let me lie. More than a jargon that the minister must have learned in the ghettos of his dark soul, the “lost, fool!” it is a confession that the progressive left loves to pit brother against brother in the streets because it benefits them politically. Here is the dilemma of contemporary conflicts: we are dealing with a mob that doesn’t care about honor. That is, for what would launch them into Eternity.

Lula III

For you to see how things are. It used to be said that something only exists if it is shown on television. Today no more. The movement in front of the barracks, for example, exists – even if, out of pettiness, people try to ignore it. He has color. It smells. It has sound. Anyone who wants to can approach and touch those people. Hear what they have to say. It is not a movement of robots or characters taken from some far-fetched idea born from the miserable imagination of a PT intellectual.

Whoever believes that an order from Jair Bolsonaro is enough to demobilize this movement. Or that he will disappear after December 19, when Lula and Alckmin will be graduated by the TSE. Or even after Pabllo Vittar begins to sing the National Anthem at Lula III’s inauguration ceremony.

Only a regime of force, based on institutionalized violence and censorship sanctioned by the Judiciary (and supported by , look at that!, the press), will be able to cause real damage to this movement that has no name or leader and which (I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating) is based on an almost instinctive idea of ​​democracy. That is, only a dictatorship will be able to put an end to the anti-PT, anti-Lulist and anti-juristocracy spirit that hovers over at least half of the country. It remains to be seen whether the elite, always so, oh, enlightened & enlightened & clean, will swallow its pride and support a left-wing dictatorship in Brazil.

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