Who is Percy Hynes White Dating? All About His Love Live

Percy Hynes White Dating: Every year on the eighth of October, Percy celebrates his birthday. Together with his parents, friends, and members of his immediate family, he celebrates his special day. He was also born to his parents in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada, in 2001. He spent more than 11 years in his birthplace before relocating to Toronto to pursue his career.

His nationality is Canadian, and he is 21 years old. He finished his education at a local private school. He studied acting in a theater school in his hometown after high school to improve his abilities. He was always a very good student and actor.


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Is Jenna Ortega Dating Percy Hynes White?

Although Percy now looks to be single, Wednesday fans continue to ship him with his Netflix co-star. Although Jenna and Percy have shared a lot of lovely cast photos on Instagram, they have yet to confirm or deny relationship rumors. Additionally, they will appear in a movie as a co-star!

Percy told Popternative in December 2022 that he “loves” working with Jenna and that “the movie I’m shooting in Utah right now is with her [Jenna] as well.” He added that they had “a nice time together” on Wednesday’s set.

After Percy revealed that he will be collaborating with Jenna once more, fans started looking into the next project. Pictures of the project’s specs were posted on Twitter by a fan, who disclosed that it is a young adult romantic drama comedy (dramedy) titled Winter Spring Summer or Fall about two young people named Remi and Barnes who fall in love.

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Percy Hynes White Dating

The Career of Percy Hynes White 

When Percy Hynes White decided to pursue a career in movies, he was only seven years old. He made his acting debut in the 2008 movie “Down to the Dirt” as Keith, according to his Wikipedia page. After that, he started getting jobs back-to-back for his great and exciting performance in the projects. Additionally, he had an amazing part in the movie “Crackie.”

Some of his earlier works include A Christmas Horror Story, Rupture, Milton’s Secret, Our House, Odd Squad, Saving Hope, Between, Age of Summer, Transplant, Nurses, and more. In November 2022, he had an appearance in the supernatural horror movie “Wednesday” from the Netflix series. The series received largely favorable reviews from viewers.

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