People didn’t even know him years ago, if the business grew because of the epidemic, they would become billionaires | People didn’t even know him years ago, if business grew because of the epidemic he would become a billionaire

People didn’t even know him years ago, if the business grew because of the epidemic, they became billionaires

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Bombay 5 days ago

At least 50 people involved in the pharmaceutical industry will become billionaires by 2020, including industrialists as well as scientists and professors.

Although the Corona outbreak has killed more than 1.8 million people worldwide and is expected to shatter the global growth rate by 5% in 2020, some have become billionaires. There are even some that no one knew about years ago. According to Forbes, 50 people from 11 countries involved in the health sector will become billionaires by 2020, including more than 30 from China.

Cyrus Poonawala: the fifth fastest growing network

The Serum Institute of India (SII) is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. Its chairman Cyrus Poonawala has a net worth of 11.5 billion, which has almost doubled this year. According to Hurun Research, he was the fifth fastest growing network in the world last year and the 86th richest man in the world.

Ugur Sahin shares rose 160% year-on-year to € 4.2 billion
Only a few people knew Ugur Sahin, the CEO of Bioentech, a year ago. Bioentech has partnered with Pfizer to develop the vaccine, which has been banned 95% by the US regulator FDA. Ugur owns 17% of the company and the share price rose 160% last year. This brings his net worth to $ 2.4 billion.

Stephen Bensell: enjoyed a 550% share price increase in one year
Stephen Bensell, CEO of Moderna, born in France, has a net worth of $ 4.1 billion. He owns 6% of the company and the share price rose 550% last year. The US regulator did not approve the modern vaccine until after Pfizer. In the early days of modernity, money was also invested by Timothy Springer, professor at Harvard University, and Robert Langer, scientist at MIT. They too have become billionaires. Springer invested 5,500,000 in 2010. From now on, their capital of 3.5% is valued at 6 1.6 billion. Langer is professor of chemical engineering at MIT. He also invested in Modern in 2010. He currently owns 3%, valued at 1.5 1.5 billion.

Premchand Godha: Shares Rise 90% to € 1.4 Billion in Net Worth

It’s not just the people involved in vaccine companies who have become billionaires. Let’s talk about the first Indians of this category. Premchand Godha’s Ipka Labs company makes generic drugs, but the company’s shares have risen sharply due to the sudden sale of the antimalarial drug, hydroxychloroquine. The company’s shares have risen more than 90% in a year. Godha took advantage and her net worth reached 4.1 billion. Hydroxychloroquine was initially found to be effective in treating Covid-19, but the WHO later said it was not.

Girdhari, Banwari and Rajendra: Their net worth is 3 1.3 billion
Girdharilal Banwari, Banwarilal Bawri and Rajendra Agarwal, the three McLeod Pharmaceuticals brothers are among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India. However, it is not publicly traded. The company manufactures generic drugs for asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis. The brothers have a net worth of 1.3 billion this year.

Carl Hansen: List of companies, net worth reached $ 3 billion to $ 3 billion in December alone
The activity of the Canadian company Abselera is involved in antibody treatment. The company’s shares were listed on the stock exchange on December 11. Founder and CEO Carl Hansen owns a 23% stake in the company. Although the share price has fallen since the listing, Hansen’s net worth has reached € 3 billion. Hansen taught at the University of British Columbia until 2019.

Sergio Stevanato: became a billionaire by selling bottles to 40 companies

Millions of glass vials are needed to deliver the vaccine. The Stevanato Group, the Italian company of Sergio Stevanato, is the second largest manufacturer of glass vials in the world after the German shooting. Void sells the covid vaccine to more than 40 companies involved. Sergio’s net worth rose to $ 1.8 billion as the business grew.

August Trondel: Business grows with help from leading research firms
The American company Metpace supports large pharmaceutical companies in their research. Its share price rose 70% last year. As a result, its founder and CEO, August Trendel, has a net worth of over 3.3 billion.

Stocks rose 150% in 5 months, net worth 3.9 billion

The largest of the Chinese companies is Hu Kun, president of Kontak Medical Systems. Kontak, a manufacturer of medical devices, was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August of last year. His shares have since risen 150%, and Hu Ku’s net worth has reached 9 3.9 billion.

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