Pelosi in Taiwan: Evidence of Differences Between the US Executive and Legislature

The insistence of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to go to Taiwan despite the Chinese threat reveals differences in positions between the US Executive and Legislative branches.

While President Joe Biden schedules bilateral meetings with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, making it clear that he supports the “One China” policy, Pelosi reinforces her stance in favor of Taiwan independence.

Despite her having already said that it would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack and having made weapons available since the decade of 1970, the United States still does not recognize the island of 24 millions of inhabitants as an independent nation. For this reason, International Relations analyst Igor Lucena points out that, despite Pelosi’s visit, “American policy has not changed”.

Pelosi’s historical critique of China

Pelosi denounces the conduct of the Chinese Communist Party since the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, when anti-government protests were repressed by the authorities.

In 1991, Pelosi held up a black and white banner in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to honor the victims. The phrase read “For those who died for democracy”. Since then, she has publicly supported Taiwan’s independence.

Through Pelosi’s trip, the United States imposes itself

“President Biden tends to respect much more the policy of former President Richard Nixon in relation to the idea of ​​One China and make a new bilateral agreement with Xi Jinping”, reinforces Lucena, pointing to the fact that the American Executive does not make an offensive against China.

Even so, the analyst does not rule out the possibility of the United States trying, through the Legislature and in a subtle way, to “show strength” to the Asian giant. “If, on the one hand, the country has not broken the rules with Beijing since the 1990s 1970, the Legislature has its independence and will defend North American principles in the region”, he opines.

“I find it difficult for Pelosi to have traveled without talking to Biden first. And she is from the same party as the president”, recalls Lucena. “It is possible that this was the way to demonstrate that the United States will be tough on China and will not bow to authoritarian regimes”, he concludes.

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