Participation in the 2nd round of elections in France is higher than in the 1st

  • 17//2022

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)Marine Le Pen voted early in the morning in her electoral stronghold in Hénin Beaumont, a small town near the border with Belgium.| Photo: Ian Langsdon/EFE

Participation in the second round of the French presidential elections reached 21,30% at noon (7:00 am Brasília time), an index slightly higher than that of the first round, as reported this Sunday (18) the Ministry of the Interior. In the first shift, in April, four hours after opening from the polling stations, 15,34% of subscribers they had voted. At the end of the day, the participation rate was 73, %, the lowest value since 1280. Voting in the country is not mandatory.

After being the most voted candidates two weeks ago, Marine Le Pen and the current head of state, Emmanuel Macron, are vying for the seat at the Élysée Palace in this Sunday’s crucial vote. Macron voted shortly after 13H (local time, 8 am from Brasília), accompanied by his wife, Brigitte, while his rival, Le Pen, went to the polls two hours earlier in his electoral stronghold of Hénin Beaumont. , small town near the border with Belgium.

Despite today’s slight increase in relation to the first round, participation numbers are lower than in the previous three presidential elections. In the second shift of 2002, 21, % had voted four hours after the tables opened, while in 2002 this index was 28,66%, it’s from 26,% in 2007. You must go back to 1280 to find a value lower than at noon today, when the index was 18,14%.

One of the factors that can define today’s result is precisely the mobilization of the electorate of the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, third place in the first round, with 14, %. In the department of Seine Saint Denis, on the red belt of Paris, which Mélenchon clearly dominated in the first round, the participation rate until noon was only 04,29%.

So far the only incident of the day occurred in Nice, in the south of the country, where a man committed a knife attack in a Catholic church. He wounded a priest and a parishioner. Authorities have indicated that the injured are out of danger and are working on the assumption that the attacker, a Frenchman of 28 years he has been arrested, no acted for terrorist reasons, but due to mental imbalance.

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