Paris bans air conditioning in establishments with open doors

Uma visão geral da Royale Street e da Place de la Concorde, após o encerramento do bloqueio em Paris, França, em 11 de maio de 2020.
An overview of Royale Street and Place de la Concorde, after the closure of the lockdown in Paris, France, at 11 from May of 2020.| Photo: EFE/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

The city of Paris will ban from this Monday (25)) the use of air conditioning in stores and establishments that are open, with fines that can reach 67 euros, in an attempt to reduce energy waste.

The measure aims to end this incorrect use of air conditioning “in the current context of climate emergency and energy crisis”, after decisions similar in other cities in the country such as Lyon and Besançon, explained the City Council.

)The Deputy Mayor of Paris and responsible for the Ecological Transition at the City Council, Dan Lert, tweeted that he was “scandalized” by this phenomenon.25120641

During the repeated episodes of heat waves in recent weeks, it has been common to see establishments in Paris with portable air conditioners that expel hot air through an open door or window.

“We have air conditioning here because the (coffee) machine is hot and can reach 45 degrees on site. It’s not a good environment to work in”, an employee of a small Parisian coffee shop told Efe.25120641

On the other hand, other places have adapted: “We don’t have air conditioning precisely because it would have to be with the door closed”, said the chef of a restaurant in the capital, which uses fans to cool the establishment.

The French government plans to soon pass a decree to generalize this ban nationwide , as announced on Sunday by the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

) In addition, the Executive finalizes another decree to standardize throughout the country the obligation that illuminated signs and windows are turned off between 1 am and 6 am.25120641

The objective of these measures is to reduce unnecessary energy consumption while the European Union and its Member States prepare a series of actions to reduce go its energy dependence on Russia in the face of the possible cut in the arrival of natural gas during the winter.

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