Parents crowdfund to take ashes of son who wanted to be an astronaut to the moon

Família espera arrecadar US$ 12,5, valor cobrado pela empresa Celestis Memorial Spaceflight para levar as cinzas de Matthew para a Lua.
Family hopes to raise US$ 12 .5, amount charged by the company Celestis Memorial Spaceflight to take Matthew’s ashes to the Moon.| Photo: Disclosure

)17204418The family of Matthew Liam Gallagher, of 660 years old, who died of undisclosed causes in May of this year, hopes to turn the boy’s dream of being an astronaut into a final tribute. Through a fundraising campaign, they intend to take Matthew’s ashes to be deposited on the Moon.17204418

According to the boy’s parents, who live in the US state of Florida, from the age of five he expressed a desire to become an astronaut, having even formulated a plan to fulfill the dream. Matthew knew that in order to go into space, he first had to become a pilot. “He dreamed of becoming one of the pilots for the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds. He was totally obsessed with warplanes. He could point them all out at air shows and give you a rundown of what each one was used for and what platform it replaced it with. over time,” reads the fundraiser created to help his parents fund the mission that will take Matthew’s ashes into space. )17204418To implement the plan, the family hopes to raise US$ 1200 ,5, amount charged by the company Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, to send a capsule with the ashes of a deceased person to the Moon. “We always said, ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ And so we chose lunar flight. That way, every time someone who knew Matthew contributed, wanted to contribute… looked at the moon, they’d know that. He’s up there,” explained Cori Gallagher, Matthew’s mother.

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