“Pacotão da Democracia” is a harbinger of dictatorship

In this edition of the podcast O Papo É, we talk about the images of Eduardo Bolsonaro, federal deputy and son of the president, in the Qatar Cup, and Bolsonaro’s endless tick-tock. Or Bolsonarism. How long does this tension last? By the way, is there really tension or is this a social network thing?

While Bolsonaro decides to remain silent, communicating only through photos published on Twitter, the Senate promotes a public hearing in which personalities such as influencer Bárbara Te Atualizei and deputy Daniel Silveira were able to talk about the abuses committed mainly by him. Who? Alexandre de Moraes, of course.

The same Senate which, it is worth remembering, has Renan Calheiros and Randolfe Rodrigues, authors of what the militants are calling the “Pacotão da Democracia”, but which in fact it is the institutionalization of censorship.

Finally, we travel to the other side of the world to talk about China, where protesters have been clashing with the police for days over the Covid-zero policy of the Communist Party. Meanwhile, several Brazilian states are starting to demand the use of masks again, and Lula’s transition team is talking about bringing anyone who questions vaccines into the laws that deal with public health.

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