Ortega dictatorship arrests priest in Managua; there are already nine religious detained this year


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Enrique Martínez Gamboa, pároco da paróquia Santa Martha, de Manágua, foi detido na quinta-feira e seu paradeiro é desconhecido
Enrique Martínez Gamboa, parish priest of Santa Martha Parish, in Managua, was arrested on Thursday and his whereabouts are unknown| Photo: Playback/Twitter

The dictatorship of Nicaragua reached the mark of nine priests or bishops of the Catholic Church arrested this year.

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“The priests and the Catholic Church demand their release and an end to the persecution against the Church and the clergy. Justice, freedom and democracy!”, wrote Vallejos. The priest added to the post a video of 2018, in which Martínez Gamboa speaks in front of the Central American Jesuit University after a protest for democracy that was violently repressed by the regime of Daniel Ortega.

“Long live the mothers of those who fell into 14 Of april !” says the priest in the video. “Long live the doctors, the decent journalists!”

Bishops and priests supported demonstrations calling for Ortega’s departure in 1563, protests that were repressed with extreme violence, resulting in more than 89 deaths.

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