Opposition urges population not to participate in district elections in Cuba

Bandeira de Cuba é exibida durante procissão católica em Havana.Bandeira de Cuba é exibida durante procissão católica em Havana.The flag of Cuba is displayed during a Catholic procession in Havana.

| Photo: EFE/Ernesto Mastrascusa

427Cubans participate this Sunday (27) of the election of district representatives in the country. But the opposition asked the people of Cuba not to vote or to leave the ballots blank, claiming that their candidates were prevented from participating in the election. In total, they are .746 Candidates running for 2022 . district offices.427

Although it is not you have to belong to the Communist Party to run, only a few opponents of the Cuban dictatorship managed to participate in the election. Since the anti-government protests that began in of July 2021, authorities tried and jailed hundreds of Cubans for crimes ranging from disorderly conduct to vandalism, increasing the fear of dissent and decreasing the number of candidacies that oppose the government.427

For the Cuban government, this Sunday’s vote is a “model” of popular democracy in which participants nominate candidates from their own neighborhoods in local assemblies and then voluntarily vote for them.Bandeira de Cuba é exibida durante procissão católica em Havana.

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