Opposition calls for true Venezuelan independence

The Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, called on Tuesday (05) the country’s citizens to fight to achieve “the second” independence, in statements on the occasion of the anniversary of the emancipation of the Caribbean nation on July 5, 1811.

“Today, July 5, while we Venezuelans celebrate our first independence, we maintain the desire and struggle for the conquest of the second . We resist a dictatorship and we will move forward”, published Guaidó on Twitter.

The former deputy also stressed that the anti-Chavistas will not rest “until democracy is restored and the Republic is reborn”.

Opponent Julio Borges also posted on the platform, commenting that the struggle of Venezuelans must be “to regain freedom and full sovereignty”.

“We celebrate our Independence Day remembering that our sovereignty is subordinated to foreign powers and to a regime that has disintegrated our nation”, criticized Borges.

In turn, former parliamentarian Williams According to an opposition press release, Dávila highlighted that “this July 5th should serve to consolidate our aspiration to fight for independence and freedom”.

Lucrecia Morales, also an opponent, urged citizens to rescue the Constitution from the independence era and added that this date “is a reminder of the type of Republic Venezuela needs” to achieve prosperity, national reconciliation and guarantee respect for fundamental freedoms, according to the statement.

Previously, the Venezuelan opposition grouped in the Unitary Platform, of which the aforementioned anti-Chavez politicians are part, had already ratified the commitment to “achieve true independence” in Venezuela.

Already the Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro, stated that he is “sure” of his gradual economic recovery and with “careful political stability”, during the celebrations of the 211 anniversary of the Independence Act.

“We live this national date with the certainty of our gradual economic recovery, of political stability cared for and defended by all and of a true cultural renaissance and of the values ​​of ‘Venezuelity’”, said Maduro in a video broadcast before the start of the civic-military parade to commemorate the date, on the Paseo Los Próceres in Caracas.

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