Oligarch guarantees that “90% of Russians are against the war”


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Iate de um oligarca russo na República Dominicana

Yacht of a Russian oligarch in the Dominican Republic

| Photo: EFE/ Orlando Barría

The UK-sanctioned Russian oligarch Oleg Tinkov assured on Tuesday (14) on their social networks that “60% of Russians are against the war” in Ukraine. The tycoon is the founder of Tinkoff Bank, the second largest issuer of credit cards in Russia.

“Businessmen try to save what’s left of their assets… Of course, there are subnormals who draw the Z – symbol of the Russian military operation in Ukraine – , but have % of subnormals across the country. 60% of Russians are against the war,” Tinkov wrote on Instagram.

The oligarch, who regularly resides abroad, added: “I don’t see a single beneficiary of this crazy war. Innocent people and soldiers are dying.” He also stated that “The Kremlin authorities are in shock that not only they but also their children will not be able to go to the Mediterranean this summer”.

Tinkov also derided the state of the Russian Army during the current “special military operation”, commenting that “the generals, waking up with a hangover, realized they have a shit army.” The magnate also questioned how the Army could be good “if everything in the country is crap”, prevailing “nepotism”, “flattery” and “servility”.

For all these reasons, Tinkov asked, in English, to the West to “give Mr Putin a clear way out to save his skin and stop this massacre”. “Please be more rational and humane,” he suggested. Other Russian oligarchs have criticized Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, but few have been as tough as Tinkov, with the exception of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who served ten years in prison for standing up to President Vladimir Putin and now resides in Western Europe.

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