Of the 3.6 million Ukrainian refugees, one million have already returned to the country, reports Kiev

Ucraniano caminha empurrando sua bicicleta em meio aos escombros da cidade de Borodianka.

Ukrainian walks pushing his bicycle amidst the rubble of Borodianka city. )| Photo: EFE


During the war in Ukraine, about 3.6 million people left the country, however, just over a million would have returned, according to the Interior Minister reported this Saturday. Ukrainian Denys Monastyrsky in a video message.

“During the entire war, 3.380. people left Ukraine and 1. .768 returned. About 85. humanitarian aid vehicles have entered the country,” said the minister.

Monastyrsky added that the western border guards practice a simplified regime for the entry and exit of citizens with the countries of the European Union and with Moldova.

“As part of the restoration of state border control in the Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy regions liberated from the occupiers, our border guards headed to their posts of responsibility,” he explained.

8014305711001The Ukrainian Interior Ministry also recalls that, in almost two months of war, 31 Sabotage and reconnaissance groups were discovered and 659 people were arrested.

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