O Papo É #68: Gentili, Covid and how Bolsonaro resists populist temptation in the economy

As if the war between Russia and Ukraine was not enough, the week started out noisy with the accusation, made by Ceará deputy André Fernandes, that children would be exposed to a scene of “apology for pedophilia” in a film of 2017 written by comedian and antibolsonarista Danilo Gentili. After much ado, the Ministry of Justice ordered streaming platforms to remove the film from their catalogs. But, faced with the accusation that they acted as censors, the authorities were content to change the film’s age rating. What do our columnists think of this episode?

Meanwhile, science is faced with a new variant of Covid-19 and a new outbreak of sanitary fascism in China, which confined 17 millions of people to the martyrdom of yet another lockdown. The fear is that the virus of authoritarianism will once again contaminate a West that seems not to have learned much in the last two years.

Finally, we return to the land where if you plant everything you can talk about fuels and the tense relationship between President Jair Bolsonaro and Petrobras. Will the President give in to the temptation, in an election year, to intervene in prices? Or will the liberal principles that guide the government’s economic area prevail?

To answer these difficult questions, Paulo Polzonoff Jr has the Gazeta do Povo columnists Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino, in the weekly conversation that comes to the issue number 68. This is podcast O Papo É da Gazeta do Povo.

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