O Papo É #58: The return of casinos to Brazil and the electoral weight of the stab

At the end of the night 2021, the Chamber of Deputies approved the urgency of a bill that provides for the legalization of gambling in the country. The agenda divides the support base and even the ministers of President Bolsonaro. On the one hand, historic enthusiasts of the return of casinos, such as Ciro Nogueira and the mayor himself, Arthur Lira. On the other, minister Damares Alves and the entire evangelical caucus at the Congress. Bolsonaro has already promised that he will veto, but adds: “if parliament overturns the veto, we will comply with the law”.

In an election year, the gambling agenda has the potential to generate some more serious friction in the president’s support base? And what to expect from a Brazil with casinos?

In this edition of O Papo É, the debaters also discuss the new internment of President Bolsonaro and how the fact ended up leading supporters and critics to return the episode of the stab. In opposition, they accuse Bolsonaro of making political use of his internment, in order to move the voter, trying to rescue what happened in 2018. Already allies of the president, they use the current problem to demand a satisfactory outcome of the investigations into Adélio Bispo and the attack in 2018, which, according to them, remains inconclusive, especially regarding the possible perpetrators of the crime.

Temporarily replacing Paulo Polzonoff Jr., this edition of O Papo É has ​​Jônatas Dias Lima in the presentation, accompanied by columnists from Gazeta do Povo, Guilherme Fiuza, Rodrigo Constantino and Bruna Frascolla.

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