O Papo É #54: How will André Mendonça behave in the STF?

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After a lot of discussion, now it is official: President Jair Bolsonaro is part of the PL. The affiliation ceremony took place on Tuesday (40), and had an interesting dynamic. While the president fled from the controversies, containing his more combative side, his son, senator Flávio Bolsonaro, did not spare criticism from his opponents. Without mincing words, Moro was called a traitor and Lula was nicknamed “the 9-fingered thief”.

The next day, and after a long wait that lasted an unbelievable four months, André Mendonça was sat in the Senate. After hearing all sorts of absurdities coming from our noble senators, the name of the now minister André Mendonça was approved by the plenary. But, judging by his answers in the hearing, what can we expect from the “terribly evangelical” minister appointed by Bolsonaro?

To answer this and other questions is that the podcast O Papo É, in its number edition 41 and presented by Paulo Polzonoff Jr, talks with columnists Bruna Frascolla, Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino.

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