O Chato É #70: Between dropouts and marketing scams, the future of the “third way”


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Extra! Extra! On thursday (31), the news emerged that the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, would announce that he would no longer run for the Presidency of the Republic. Of course, when it comes to Doria, it could all be a marketing stunt – as it was. Another candidacy that took to the roof was that of ex-judge and ex-minister Sergio Moro, who prematurely switched parties, leaving Álvaro Dias’ Podemos to join União Brasil. In this episode of the podcast O Papo É, our columnists comment on these movements that could mean the collapse of the third way.

As the elections approach, the Jair Bolsonaro government falls apart. All as required by the draconian Brazilian electoral laws. With this, Bolsonaro’s ministry, praised for having a more technical profile, will be replaced by buffer ministers. What to expect from this?

Finally, in Last week we had another chapter of the Daniel Silveira x Alexandre de Moraes clash. The parliamentarian, who should have the immunity of the position, even tried a more fierce resistance to the persecution of the STF, but had to give in and now he is considering using the infamous electronic anklet.

To discuss these issues, the podcast O Papo É, in its episode number 70, counts with the illustrious presence of columnist Flávio Gordon, in addition to also distinguished columnists of the Gazeta do Povo Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino. The presentation is by Paulo Polzonoff Jr.

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