Number of letter bombs in Spain reaches six; government says it maintains support for Ukraine

Spain is experiencing a wave of letter bombs, with six confirmed: so far packages have been found addressed to the Ukrainian and US embassies in Madrid, to the European Union Satellite Centre, to the Installaza weapons, the Ministry of Defense and the Palace of Moncloa – the latter intended for the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in the latter 24, but which was intercepted.

A Audiencia Nacional, Spanish superior court, took over the investigation of the case and is already investigating the sending of one of these envelopes to the Embassy of Ukraine as a possible terrorist act. The letter was handled by an employee, it exploded and injured his hand.

Sources of the investigation told EFE Agency that at least four of the envelopes had the same handwriting on the addresses, capital letters written in pen and are in some way related to the war in Ukraine.

The European Commission said this Thursday (1st) that the mailings of letter bombs are “very serious and serious incidents”, but not I wanted to speculate on what the reasons could have been.

“These are very serious and serious incidents and, naturally, we are in contact with the Spanish authorities who are investigating what happened”, said the spokesperson. from the European Commission for Foreign Affairs, Peter Stano, to broadcaster RTVE.

“We have to see the conclusions of the investigation in Spain, then we will discuss whether there will be consequences, whether they are isolated incidents or coordinated incidents”, he declared. the spokesperson. Stano also stated that Brussels has so far no information that similar events have taken place in other countries of the European Union.

The Minister of Defense of Spain, Margarita Robles, said this Thursday, in the city of Odesa, Ukraine, that the letter bombs will not change the Spanish government’s commitment to the eastern European country.

“The investigation is ongoing. It must be clear that no letter or violent action will change the clear and firm commitment of Spain and the countries of NATO and the European Union to support Ukraine, which is defending a just cause”, declared Robles in a press conference alongside the Minister of Ukrainian defender, Oleksii Reznikov.

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