Note of “blackout” to Gazeta readers

On the day of the launch of the Lula/Alckmin ticket, the presenter said: “I want to make a clarification or clarification. As we respect the laws, legislation and institutions, it is important to warn and make it clear, or dark, that today we are not launching candidacies. Yes, we are launching a movement, the ‘Let’s go together for Brazil’ movement!I’m here to say that let’s go together, let’s go together, let’s all go in search of happiness. What unites us is empathy! What unites us is love! what unites us is to ensure that all, all and all Brazilians have rights”. You can see (or not see, if you’re blind, blind and blind) here.

I must confess that I wasn’t too surprised, because I saw the expression “blackout note” years ago, in the mouth (or keyboard) of federal people. In the beginning, it was possible to claim poetic license, because it was something for people in Literature. But you know how it is: in the beginning it is a poetic license, then it becomes etiquette, then some norm appears, and in the end the citizen is execrated in the public square or even arrested if he suffers from a lack of poetic license. Google “blackout note” and you’ll see what I just described: there are those puns of the chorus that progressive academics find super profound and call poetry, but the first result that appears is a “clarification and/or blackout note” ” from UFRB of 2013, and not far below appears the blackout note of a militant who had just left the Secretariat of Racial Equality of Curitiba.

That is, just as you have to say “all and all” to not be sexist, you have to darken or clarify to not be racist. Of course in normal situations this would make for a humorous skit. If the distinguished Portuguese community and IBAMA did not object, the skit would show Manoel, Joaquim and a foul-mouthed parrot trying to adhere to political correctness. Because saying that black people don’t like to receive clarification because they are black seems like something out of a Portuguese joke. From this logic, it is inferred that black people turn off the light when they want to find something. Well, maybe the militants of the black movement really believe in this kind of thing. I won’t offend them if I say they’re far from brilliant.

They don’t think, they’re hotshots

But it’s not a joke , and I know that if I were someone respectable in this environment, I could spread around that the use of the word “orientation” should be banned, as it is an apology for the Japanese Empire. I would say then that this was an ally of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. To move away from the Axis, it is necessary to say “Sulamerication” or “Affrication” instead of “orientation”. “Occidentation”, no, which is racist. The younger part of my fine audience would be stunned by my culture, as they would hear for the first time that Japan was an ally of Hitler. But if I, being me, said later that “guidance” is a much older word than World War II, that can only mean that I am a dangerous person, as I contest the dogmas of good people.

The experience of starting to repeat around here is as good as making papers à Sokal. See what Chesterton said in 1920. He commented that it is an important part of education to send the child to the corner, although there were no manuals explaining how to do this. In fact, the way progressive bureaucracy intruded into private life, a rule would soon emerge about the proper angle of the corner, or perhaps they wanted to ban the practice on the grounds that it can cause squint. He himself could contribute to this belief as follows: “I am sure that if I repeated it at random and in a significant number of chat circles, in a very short time this would become a universally accepted dogma of popular science. For the modern world does not accept any dogma that rests on any kind of authority, but accepts any dogma that does not rest on any authority” ( The Divorce Superstition

, P. 50). The most glaring example of this, in my view, is the fanciful story that “mute servant” is a racist expression arising from the custom of leaving a black slave planted on the edge of the bed with his beak closed. There is no scholar who claims the discovery of this etymology and has written a paper pointing out its historical sources. Even so, the “first agency of fact-checking in Brazil” thought it should alert the plebs to the racism contained in this expression. She made a semi-errata saying that the little story was false, but that she can’t use the term anyway.

All it takes is someone “empathetic” to repeat, repeat and repeat, and any fib becomes communis opinion. The nightstand story even ended up in textbooks. In areas less reliant on documentation than etymology, biased scientists may experiment and find a way to confirm the ruse. Selecting the sample well, you can conclude anything. Since people who think differently are outside the academy, no one will do rival experiments.

Widespread problem

Scientist mania goes hand in hand given with the increase in the power of bureaucracy, and as it becomes more and more powerful, people care less and less about reasoning, since bureaucracy delivers the ready-made Truth. That’s why they act like trained dogs, like irrational beasts, judging themselves to be highly scientific. After all, they wag their tails and paw at the representatives of Science. In the West, the plague has only grown and has no defined political coloring. The name that perhaps best describes this model of domination is perhaps globalism, in which an anonymous and stateless plutocracy rigs up the world’s national states and imposes its progressive ideology on the governed populations. Instead of tanks and bombs, they use NGOs and judicialization. Its favorite target within the state is the judiciary, which can do things as extravagant as inferring that the right to privacy implies the right to abort when the mood strikes. Although globalism is not well known to the common citizen, its agendas are easily recognizable as politically correct, environmentalism to Greta Thumberg and epidemiology to Átila Iamarino. The right, especially Olavete, popularized the warning against the UN Agenda 2030. But there is still little talk about its private side, which is the ESG: a mechanism to take out of the stock market and leave without credit all companies that do not follow the sealing booklet.

In Brazil, who is an ESG activist is Sérgio Moro. For now, it’s hard to imagine him giving everyone a shadow, although we’ve already seen him agreeing with the tacit and undemocratic criminalization of machismo.

Here in Brazil, the post-Lava Jato left is lavish in giving comical examples of political correctness. But this is not a PT-specific problem; it’s the thing of anyone who can be treated as a good guy by the common press.

Democracy as superstition

Trained dogs like of democracy; after all, their masters trained them for it. At a cry of “democracy”, the dogs stand on two paws. So I can imagine in the near future a self-declared Brazilian liberal, very trained, writing something like this to pose as a virtuoso on social media: “I am shocked by Amnesty International’s denunciations of human rights violations in Azerbaijan. The genocidal, sexist criminal, Ilham Aliyev, denied women the right to (re)exist. Every day more than a thousand women kill themselves in Azerbaijan for lack of estrogen injections and gender-affirming surgeries.” In fact, President Aliyev had simply refused to give free sex changes, and in doing so had won the sympathy of all the far-right radicals in the West. Thus, it would be nice to condemn Aliyev and express support for the western troops brought to the scene to defend democracy and human rights.

As far as the trained dog is concerned, our laws will be changed in the big hand to put in jail anyone who violates political correctness. The way the rules multiply, it will be a crime for the common citizen to open his mouth, since there is no way to find out about all the blackouts. Our parties, which can no longer raise funds from companies, nor place candidates of the sex and color they want, will have less and less autonomy. At the same time, obscure movements like Acredita and Renova BR can do whatever they want in our party politics, without being accountable to anyone. There is even talk of “Bancada Lemann”, but there is no problem because he is a good businessman.

If Brazil maintains certain formalities, such as election and division of powers, and has support from the western media, everything is fine! More important than the correspondence between the will of the people and the head of the nation is the fulfillment of formalities. It’s okay if the citizen is not free to say that women have a vagina. The important thing is that he can vote for the candidates approved by the TSE.

It’s time to start talking about democratic superstition. Because democracy is not a series of formalities, nor is it an end in itself. It is a means of preserving freedom. From the carriage ride, it is better to seek freedoms in an absolutist monarchy than in the former democracies of the 21st century.

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