Not a fan of champagne? The brewery launches 3 artisanal ciders to celebrate the new year – Full glass

If you look more like a good craft beer than a champagne, even celebrating the New Year, Dádiva now offers you a suggestion of halfway (more or less) craft ciders.

The Várzea Paulista brewery (about 60 km from São Paulo) offers three labels from the One Step at a Time line, all served in beautiful 473 ml cans.

Well, a little historical flashback on the cider before. The drink is a fermented apple, similar to champagne, but sweeter. Its tradition is European and it is common to find a cider tap in English pubs. In France, it is the classic drink of creperies. In the US, it has become a more recent fever, also in the wake of the craft industry.

The most popular benchmark here is the Brazilian Cereser, usually with good market prices and around 6% alcohol.

The Gift versions are more robust, all with 9.2% alcohol. The most classic can of orange takes the yeast from white wine. In the red box, this same yeast receives the company of cocoa, cinnamon and oak. Finally, the green can is the one that comes closest to the brewing process, when it goes through dry hopping (a technique used in beers, generally to accentuate the aromas of the hops) with Calypso hops, with citrus characteristics.

The suggested amount is R $ 27.90. You can find them in specialty beer stores or also in Dádiva e-commerce,

And good 2021 for everyone. It can only be better. Prost!

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