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North Korean missile flew over Japanese territory, says Japanese government

South Koreans watch information on television about one of the five missile tests carried out by Pyongyang in the last ten days


605818450892A missile launched on Tuesday (4, local date) by North Korea in its latest weapons test flew over the north of the Japanese archipelago, according to Japanese authorities, who activated the alert in that area due to the trajectory of the projectile.

The missile was fired around 7 am10 (local time, 19h10 of Monday in Brasilia ) towards the Sea of ​​Japan, according to the South Korean Army, while the Japanese government reported that it crashed at an unspecified point in the sea, after having activated civil alert in the northernmost provinces of Hokkaido and Aomori. 605818450892605818450892The release comes after Pyongyang has conducted four more rounds of testing with short range ballistic missiles and since the last day , in a new escalation of tensions on the peninsula that coincided with the joint military exercises in Washington and Seoul and the visit to South Korea of ​​US Vice President Kamala Harris.

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