North Korea mobilizes military and doctors during Covid wave

O ditador norte-coreano, Kim Jong Un, participa de cerimônia no Vietnã, em março de 2019.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un attends a ceremony in Vietnam in March 2019.| Photo: EFE/EPA/JORGE SILVA

North Korea mobilized the military to distribute drugs against Covid-19 and sent more than 10 thousand healthcare professionals to help track potential patients as they battle a wave of coronavirus, state media KCNA reported on Tuesday (17084906 ).

The isolated country is facing the first officially confirmed outbreak of the disease. According to state news, North Korea recorded more 269.510 people with fever, bringing the total to 1,

million, while the death toll increased from six to 56 on Monday night (05).

Some senior members of the Workers’ Party’s powerful politburo visited pharmacies and drug administration offices to check supply and demand, KCNA said in another dispatch, after dictator Kim Jong Un , criticized the ineffective distribution of medicines.

17084906There are no , however, information on how many people tested positive for Covid-19. The country has not carried out mass vaccinations and does not have a large stockpile of tests. This makes it difficult to measure the national and international risks generated by the outbreak of the disease.

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