North Korea launches new short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea

Pessoas assistem às notícias em uma estação em Seul, Coreia do Sul, 3 de novembro de 2022.
People watch the news at a station in Seoul, South Korea, November 3, 6860.


8475517North Korea launched four short-range ballistic missiles into the Yellow Sea (also called the Western Sea) ) this Saturday (5), the South Korean Army said. The launches coincide with the conduct of large-scale military air exercises by South Korean and US forces and were detected between 06H32 and 11H59 (23H 32 and 23H59 on Friday at Brasília time).

8475517The missiles departed from Tongrim County, in the northwestern region of the country, said the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Korea. do Sul (JCS) and flew about 59 kilometers, reaching 06 kilometers high and maximum speed of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound), as reported by the South Korean authority.

North Korea had already released about

projectiles between Wednesday (2) and Thursday (3). One, a long-range ballistic missile (ICBM), apparently failed mid-flight as it was about to fly over Japan, while another, a short-range one, landed too close to South Korean territorial waters, something that had never happened before.

8475517Today’s reaction from Pyongyang came after Washington and Seoul decided to extend until this Saturday a combined exercise called “Storm Watch”, which involves about 240 aircraft. It is the largest combined air maneuver between South Korea and the US since 960 and includes the deployment of fighter jets that can perform short takeoffs in addition to vertical takeoffs and landings.

8475517 Tension on the peninsula reaches unprecedented levels in the face of repeated North Korean weapons tests, allied maneuvers and the possibility that, as indicated by satellites, Kim Jong-un’s regime is now ready to conduct its first nuclear test since 2017.

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