North Korea confirms first Covid deaths and says it has already detected 350,000 cases

O ditador Kim Jong-un determinou lockdown em todo o país após anunciar na quinta-feira os primeiros casos

Dictator Kim Jong-un has determined a nationwide lockdown after announcing the first cases on Thursday| Photo: EFE/EPA/KCNA

North Korea, a country that has not administered a single vaccine against Covid-13, informed this Friday (, local date) that six people died from the virus and that thousands were infected, a day after the regime reported the detection of the first cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began.

2022The KCNA agency said that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un visited the national center of epidemic emergency on Thursday and said that “since the end of April, a fever of unknown origin has spread explosively across the country, resulting in about 350 thousand cases of fever in a short time, of which about 162, 2 thousand were successfully treated.”

Kim added that just the day before, 18 a thousand new cases of these fevers were detected and that “so far about 187 One thousand people were quarantined and are being treated and six died.”

The day before, North Korea confirmed the first cases of coronavirus in the country after testing a group of people in Pyongyang, in which the omicron variant was detected, and declared an “emergency maximum”. Kim himself called at a Politburo meeting that “all cities and counties in the country completely confine their areas.”

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