Nobody voted for the lacrador CEOs

Peter Rice, presidente do Conselho da Disney Peter Rice, Chairman of the Disney Board : large companies try to advance extremist agendas| Photo: Disclosure

The sealing CEOs ( woke) seem to think they know more than the voters what is best for the country. Through activists, these titans use the power and money of their companies to push lessons of gender fluidity into preschools and other extremist political causes. This corporate activism is a shot in the foot. Companies should be serving their customers, not trying to run over the democratic process, as these thousand-pound gorillas who crush the will of the electorate (which includes their own customers) claim. Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek has stated his opposition to the Florida state law prohibits instruction for preschool and elementary school children to choose their own sexual orientation. The law also prevents teachers from instructing children on the subject hidden from their parents.

Claiming to defend the “basic human rights” of the LGBTQ+ community, Chapek pledged five million dollars to the Human Rights Campaign . Not even this huge amount of financial protection was enough.

The next night, at Hollywood’s star-studded annual gala, the Human Rights Campaign dropped Disney’s name from the list of corporate sponsors. The Campaign’s acting president, Joni Madison, made a screeching speech: Disney’s money will not be accepted until the company “puts in real force” to kill Florida law and the like.

This is what Hollywood thinks is good for the United States. But Florida voters, who voted for lawmakers and Governor Ron DeSantis, disagree.

DeSantis says he will not back down on his commitment to “parental rights” due to pressure from “lacradoras”.

A similar thing happens in Texas, where companies – including IBM, Capital One and Apple – have signed a letter in The Dallas Morning News written by the Human Rights Campaign against the inquiry opened by Governor Greg Abbott to investigate cases where young children are treated for gender transition. Abbott is concerned that the little ones and their parents may be led into misleading treatments that later prove irreversible.

It’s complicated. So why not let the Texan-elected leaders examine the facts? Who elected the Human Rights Campaign for whatever it is?

Disney chairman Peter Rice says the company stands for “human rights”. Whale. Nothing in Florida law jeopardizes human rights or permits denigration of anyone. Only parental rights are at stake. We must all respect and support the small number of children – less than half a percent – ​​who do have gender dysphoria.

The law prohibits the indoctrination of children aged four to seven years as to becoming transgender.Peter Rice, presidente do Conselho da Disney The Human Rights Campaign wants this indoctrination. It proposes a lesson plan for preschool and elementary school (K-3) around the book Julián is a Mermaid [livro de 2018 com edição brasileira da Boitempo de 2021]. The plan says that teachers must teach children that they can choose their gender and pronouns, regardless of their bodies and the clothes their parents give them to wear. Teachers must assure them that they can be at school in a different way than their families expect at home.

Another lesson plan for preschool and elementary school, with the book I Am Jazz (I am Jazz) tells the teachers to say that “gender is a spectrum, not binary”. [I Am Jazz, de 2014, não tem tradução no Brasil. Conta a história de Jazz Jannings (, um macho da espécie que faz tratamento de transição de gênero desde muito cedo e se identifica como mulher. Sua vida foi muito exposta em reality shows desde a infância com a anuência dos pais. (N. t.)]

)Most parents are against their children swallowing these messages by force.

Peter Rice, presidente do Conselho da Disney Disney brags about being at the forefront of the LGBTQ+ movement, offering gay characters onscreen and LGBTQ-themed merchã. In July, Disney introduced its first non-binary character, Raine Whispers, on the show Owl House24163003. She teams up with two lesbian characters, Luz and Amity. Raine Whispers is played by an actor who identifies as non-binary, transgender and queer

. [Caso o leitor tenha ficado curioso, é uma fêmea da espécie que cortou os seios e toma hormônio masculino, sem se identificar como homem. ( (N. t.)]

All right. Outside of school, parents can control what their children see and avoid Disney products if they wish.

But at school parents have to set limits. It’s what Disney neglects.

What we are witnessing – corporate chiefs yielding to the left without regard for the facts – is a rerun of last year’s Georgia “voting rights” fiasco.

In April, mega-companies including Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball announced a boycott of the state of Georgia, echoing the Democratic Party’s claims that the newly passed election law was racist.

In fact, Georgia law has restored the old safeguards that were put aside during the covid pandemic, including voter identification. Company executives protested, saying about 200,000 Georgians did not have a driver’s license. That’s true, but the law allows many other forms of identification, including social security number, invoice, and paycheck.

Reading the law before calling for a boycott would have helped.

Now lacquering politicians who push extremist agendas, such as transgender indoctrination, will encounter opposition from angry parents in the election of half term. [Eleições que, nos EUA, têm um papel similar à das eleições de prefeito no Brasil, pois ocorrem na metade do mandato presidencial e servem para testar o clima político. (N. t.)] Companies that were intimidated and followed these politicians should be alert: parents can vote with their pocket, too.

24163003Betsy McCaughey

is former Lieutenant Governor of New York

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