Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant Launches India’s First Digibox Digital Asset Management Platform | Politics Commission CEO Amitabh Kant Launches India’s First Indigenous Digital Asset Management Platform, Digibox

Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog, Launches India’s First Indigenous Digital Asset Management Platform, Digibox

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Ahmedabad 17 days ago

Copy link The company aims to get 10 million users to sign up in the next three years

Arnab Mitra, Managing Director of Liquid Asia, along with Ashish Jalan and Vivek Suchanti of Concept Group, launched and promoted Tech Startup, India’s first indigenous digital asset management platform, DigiBoxx2. On this occasion, Amitabh Kant opened an account, with which he became the first user of Digibox. The platform is an Indian digital file storage, sharing and management SaaS (SaaS) product that provides storage options for businesses and individual users.

Indians are aware of data storage
“Indian tech industries can be globally competitive at all levels and Digibox is one example,” said Amitabh Kant. It meets all the requirements of India Inc. and at the same time fills the gaps in the MSME sector where no special cultivation has taken place yet. Now most Indians can store, back up and share in India without security risks or data location issues. I hope this is a good start for many more such innovations by Indian startups in the direction of a standalone Barat scenario.

More than 5,000 engineers will find jobs in the future
“We are committed to making the government’s Make in India and Self-Sufficiency campaign a reality,” said Vivek Suchanti, Chairman of Digibox. We wish to contribute to the growth of the digital connectivity space in India by ensuring data protection through Digibox. The company aims to recruit 10 million users over the next 3 years and employ more than 5,000 engineers locally.

Data can be monitored in real time
Digibox CEO Arnab Mitra said: “Digibox not only helps save data and access it from anywhere, but also helps maintain admin rights of any document as well as sharing transparent data with partners, social media pages. Therefore, it will be able to record, control and monitor who has access to the data in real time. Digibox is a comprehensive digital storage cloud that provides data security for all Indians.

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