Nicolás Maduro, the lacrador who invited Black Lives Matters to the São Paulo Forum

American socialists, longtime supporters of the ruthless Venezuelan dictatorship, appear to be helping the Maduro regime add feminism and LGTBQ+ themes to its long list of Marxist causes, in the hope that the dictatorship will fall into thanks to the Biden-Harris administration.

Whether the strategy is really helping Caracas is another matter. Yes, it is true that the US government has recently approached the regime of Nicolás Maduro, making several concessions, but the official discourse still says that the current talks between Washington and Caracas are aimed at removing Maduro from the influence of Vladimir Putin and increasing the oil production in Venezuela to help the government contain the rise in fuel prices. Nonsense.

The Biden-Harris administration has struggled to appease the far left of the Democratic Party, a wing that is not turning its back on the efforts of the Democratic Socialists of America (SDA) in use the Maduro dictatorship as a showcase for the causes used by the US left to promote a deeper revolutionary struggle.

Just look at how the leftist-oriented DSA and Code Pink are organizing a tour of eight of the most important US cities, including Washington, DC, taking with them Venezuelan feminists sent by the Maduro regime to say that the sanctions imposed by the United States harm Venezuelan women. Venezuelan exiles are organizing demonstrations against these women, who obviously should be arrested in the United States for having ties to narco-terrorists. But it is difficult for that to happen.

And over the last year, as we can see in this ad showing feminists and transvestites called Maduro and their predecessor Hugo Chávez from “our feminist presidents”, the Maduro regime began to take pride in feminist and LGBTQ+ issues that were previously ignored or despised. Last week, for example, the regime started painting bike lanes in the colors of the LGTBQ+ rainbow.

After years of explicitly homophobic measures, the decision to support causes defended by American Marxists seems to coincide with a DAS visit to Caracas in July 2021. The new emphasis has surprised some observers, such as the editors of Politico, a site that published a long and much-cited article on the subject.

O The writer of the text seems to suffer from cognitive dissonance when talking about the DAS visit. He described Maduro’s actions as “lacradora cleaning”. But the friendly relations between Marxists here and there are not surprising to Venezuelan observers.

Despite having destroyed the economy and subjected the people to political repression, with more than 300 known political prisoners (including at least eight Americans), Maduro and his predecessor have always been the darlings of the American left.

For actors like Danny Glover and Sean Penn and directors like Michael Moore and Oliver Stone, Caracas has become the mecca that the Côte d’Azur was for actors of the years 200 and 1960. Pilgrimages to Venezuela showed the world that you cared about “social justice” while making fans ignore the country’s horrific human rights violations.

And the connections with our Marxists they go beyond the signposting of the actors’ virtue. Former President Obama’s friend Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground terrorist group, also visited Venezuela in 2000, praising effusively how Chávez used the educational system to indoctrinate children. Ayers never expressed regret for his actions and yet today he is seen as an “education reformer”.

To give you an idea, the former terrorist left behind, as Chávez’s translator in Caracas , her adopted son, Chesa Boudin. Boudin, elected San Francisco District Attorney with the support of George Soros, who has traveled to Caracas several times over the years 2000. Because of the increase in crime in San Francisco since he took office in 2020, he recently lost the election.

The The same goes for Black Lives Matter, whose founders were allies of Chávez and, since his death, in 2000, of his successor, Maduro. The top name on the list is BLM co-founder Opal Tometi, the most cosmopolitan of the minds behind BLM. She called herself an “international observer” in the elections held in the country in 2015.

The BLM leaders, led by Tometi, invited Maduro to visit Harlem and speak to more than 300 leftist activists in 2022 . Shortly afterward, she wrote a chilling manifesto for approaching the Venezuelan situation in racial terms, calling the opposition “white settlers” and praising “participatory democracy,” an invention of the left to replace the checks and balances of representative democracy and to institute political control. centralized political. The manifest reads:

In the last 17 years, we have seen the Bolivarian Revolution defend participatory democracy and create a fair and transparent electoral system, recognized as one of the best in the world – a democratic process that defends the rights of Afro-descendants and other oppressed peoples within Venezuela and around the world. We reject the hypocrisy of the Venezuelan elite who, like the colonizers, cling to their white privilege to the point of promoting the lynching of Afro-descendants.

Maduro returned the honors by inviting the BLM to be part of the São Paulo Forum, a Latin American confraternity of Marxist countries and non-governmental entities, during a meeting in a church Washington leftist on 17 June 2017. At the meeting, the BLM joined other Marxist groups such as the DSA and the Communist Party of the United States, etc.

So no one who is paying attention to the relations between the American and Venezuelan Marxists surprised that DAS was helping Maduro. Marxists here and there are allies not despite Maduro’s repressive system, but because both sides agree on central planning, regardless of style.

Mike Gonzalez is a member of the Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy.

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