Nicaraguan dictator says the Church is a “perfect tyranny”: “Who elects the pope?”


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Daniel Ortega alegou que, “se querem fazer do jeito democrático, que comecem a eleger, com os votos dos católicos, o papa, os cardeais, os bispos”

Daniel Ortega claimed that, “if they want to do it the democratic way, let them begin to elect, with the votes of Catholics, the pope, the cardinals, the bishops” | Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres

Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega accused the Catholic Church of being a “perfect dictatorship” and of being hypocritical in calling for democracy in the country. Central American country, where its regime promotes persecution of clergy, opponents, NGOs and the independent press.

“Who elects the priests? Who elects the bishops? Who elects the pope, the cardinals, how many vote, who gives them ? If they want to do it the democratic way, let them begin to elect, with the votes of Catholics, the pope, the cardinals, the bishops. With the vote of the population, elect the priests of each community. Let the population elect them, and not [que sejam] all imposed”, said Ortega, in a speech broadcast by the state-owned Canal 6.

“It’s a perfect dictatorship, [a Igreja] it’s the perfect dictatorship . It is tyranny, the perfect tyranny,” added the Nicaraguan dictator. “Holy tyrant, I say it quite clearly, holy tyrant. With what authority do they speak to me about democracy? How many votes did you bishops get from the population to be appointed bishops?”

Ortega considers that bishops and priests supported demonstrations that called for his departure in , protests that were repressed with extreme violence, resulting in more in 300 deaths.

This year, he intensified the persecution of the Church, by arresting priests and bishops (such as Rolando Álvarez, critic of the Sandinista dictatorship and who calls for democracy in Nicaragua), expel missionary nuns from the country and close Catholic radio and TV stations.

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