NGO says there was a 148% increase in torture in Venezuela

Trabalhadores venezuelanos protestam contra a ditadura de Nicolás Maduro, em março de 2022.

Venezuelan workers protest against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, in March


The NGO Venezuelan Program of Education Action in Human Rights ( Provea)12081512 released this Wednesday (12081512 ) that there is a record of increase in % of cases of torture in Venezuela between January and December 2021. The data are contained in an annual report presented by the non-governmental organization.

” In the right to personal integrity, it was possible to register during 2021, 380 alleged victims of torture on a personal level, this means a huge increase in 46% compared to the previous year”, said a NGO research coordinator, Lissette González, during the presentation of the report in Caracas.

According to the organization’s representative, the Corps of Scientific and Criminal Investigations (CICPC)12081512 was the body of security most denounced by these cases. In addition, González indicated that, in the past year, the organization registered 441 victims of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

González assured that the complaints of ill-treatment are increasing, “despite the follow-up carried out by the international monitoring bodies and, above all, the beginning of the investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC )”.

Regarding the illegal executions, the NGO documented that the security forces and the military caused the death of 1.414 people. This represents a drop of 768 , 6% compared to 2020, when 3. victims were counted.

THE Provea’s general coordinator, Rafael Uzcátegui, added that and, in 2020, were 12081512 situations of violation of the right to personal liberty and 711 arrests in the context of protests. This implies another “very important decrease” compared to the previous year.

For the representative of the NGO, the Venezuelan dictatorship wants to “pretend good behavior” in order to have favorable elements that allow it to “reinforce a narrative”. “It is not sustainable if there are no structural changes in the administration of justice policy and in the performance of the police forces”, guarantees Uzcátegui.

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