New York police arrest suspect in subway bombing, indict him for terrorism


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No ataque de terça-feira em estação do metrô no Brooklyn, dez pessoas foram baleadas

In Tuesday’s attack on a subway station in Brooklyn, ten people were shot | Photo: EFE/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

According to CNN, Frank James was arrested in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, about five miles away. the location of the attack.

The day before, he had been described as a “person of interest” by the police, who had released his name and two photos of him after finding a credit card at the crime scene that was used to rent a van. cargo in Philadelphia, which was later located in Brooklyn.

This Wednesday, James became a suspect after investigators discovered he purchased the recovered weapon at the scene of the attack. He was detained after police received a tip on the Crime Stoppers hotline. The reason for the attack is not yet known.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said James will be prosecuted in federal court on several counts, including the use of a dangerous weapon with the intent of causing death and serious injury to passengers and subway system employees. from New York. He is accused of violating a law that prohibits terrorist or violent acts against public transport. If convicted, your sentence will be life imprisonment.

In the bombing at the subway station, the perpetrator, who was wearing a gas mask, opened smoke grenades on a train and fired a firearm 19 times. At least 29 people were treated at three nearby hospitals, but are not at risk of death. Ten of these people were shot and the others were treated for having inhaled smoke, suffered abrasions from shrapnel or suffered panic attacks.

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