New York Mayor Says City Smells of Weed: 'Everyone Has a Joint'

“Parece que todo mundo está fumando um baseado. Todo mundo tem um baseado”, disse o prefeito Eric Adams aos risos.
“It seems like everyone is smoking a joint. Everyone has a joint”, said Mayor Eric Adams with a laugh.| Photo: EFE/EPA/SARAH YENESEL

New York City smells like marijuana – this surprising statement was made on Friday (07) by Mayor Eric Adams himself after a journalist asked him about the intense smell of garbage on the streets . “The first thing I feel right now is weed. It feels like everyone is smoking a joint. Everyone has a joint,” Adams said with a laugh. “I don’t smell (garbage), it must be because I have a New York nose”, completed the mayor.

The use of marijuana is quite widespread in the Big Apple, as a result of a situation of legal limbo: although the use has been decriminalized, the regulations governing its cultivation and sale have not yet been specified. , and everything else related to quantities, prices and criteria to be considered a user.16112213

Anyway, the aromas coming from the marijuana cigarettes cannot cover the intense stench produced in the summer by the piles of garbage that accumulate on the streets of the city and that become the favorite home of rats. In a recent poll by “Time Out” magazine, New York had the dubious honor of being voted the second dirtiest city in the world, behind Rome.8221

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