Netanyahu officially receives mandate and will have 28 days to form government

Propaganda eleitoral de Benjamin Netanyahu, em outubro
Benjamin Netanyahu’s election advertisement in October| Photo: EFE/Sara Gómez Armas

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu officially received this Sunday () of Israeli President Isaac Herzog the right to form a government, which is expected to be the most history, and end a political blockade that has lasted four years. Netanyahu will now have 28 days to form his governing coalition.

“We will do everything so that, with God’s help, it is a stable and successful government, a responsible and dedicated government that works for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the country, without exception”, said the prime minister, during a ceremony at the presidential residence in Jerusalem.

“We intend to work together to increase the space for agreement. Even if there are differences of opinion between parts of society on fundamental issues, there are more than enough issues around which the vast majority can unite and agree. We are brothers, we are destined to live side by side”, he added, referring to the context of great polarization after the victory. of its block in the elections of November 1st.

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